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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-PDP phosphors & VUV spectrophotometryKIM CHANG HONG; PARK CHEOL HEE; 권일억; Hwang Young-Ju; BAE HYUN SOOK; YOU BYUNG YONG; PYUN CHONG-HONG; XiaoQing Zeng; Guang-yan Hong
-Precipitation of titanium complexes and their conversion to fine BaTiO3 particles by the hydrothermal reaction이상균; CHOI GUANG JIN; Woo Kyoungja; KIM YOUNG DAE; Sang Jun Sim; 구기갑; Cho Young Sang
-Performances of pressed-type rare-earth-based hydrogen storage alloys as a negative electrode in metal hydride battery김계민; Cho Won Il; Cho Byung Won; 주재백; Yun Kyung Suk
-Rate of the evening primrose oil extraction with supercritical carbon dioxideLee Youn-Woo; LEE YOUN YONG; 조동선; JANG SEONG CHEOL; 유기풍
-Oxidative carbonylation of amines by selenium compoundsKim Yong Jin; LEE HYUN JOO; Kim. Hoon Sik; Park Kun You; 진종식
-Performance analysis of NiO cathode using a molten carbonate fuel cell with gas recycleNam, Suk-Woo; Lim Tae Hoon; Oh In Hwan; Ha Heung Yong; Hong Seong Ahn; 임희천
-Polymer catalysts by molecular imprinting: A labile covalent bonding approachKIM JONG MAN; Ahn Kwang-Duk; G. Wulff
-All-optical clock extraction using a semiconductor-fiber ring laser유봉안; KIM DONG HWAN; KIM SANG HYUCK; JO JAE CHUL; 김봉규; LEE YOU SEUNG; Jhon Young Min; LEE BYONG HO
-Anti-reflection coating for semiconductor optical amplifier with broad bandwidthPARK YOON HO; Lee Seok; Woo Deok Ha; Kim Sun Ho; CHOI SANG SAM; KANG BYUNG-KWON; 이정근; Takeshi; Kamiya
-Fabrication and characterization of planar resonant tunneling devices incorporating Inas self-assembled quantum dots정석구; 황성우; PARK JEONG HO; KIM YOUN; KIM EUN KYU
-Harmonic current reference generation of single-phase active filter for the converter-fed locomotives성기석; Song Joong Ho; Choi Ick; CHOI JU YEOP; Kim Kwang Bae; KIM KWON-HO; 임묘택
-Fabrication of quantum dot transistors incorporating single self-assembled quantum dot황성우; 정석구; PARK JEONG HO; KIM YOUN; KIM EUN KYU
-Dynamic analysis of a semiconductor-fiber ring laser유봉안; KIM DONG HWAN; KIM SANG HYUCK; JO JAE CHUL; LEE BYONG HO
-Improvement on measurement accuracy of complex permittivity of dry sand using open-ended coaxial probe신현; 현승엽; 김상욱
-Development of spacer formation technique for high-voltage FED application강문식; Ju Byeong Kwon; LEE YUN HI; 유건호; OH MYUNG HWAN
-(Undefined)Yoon Sung Pil; Nam Suk-Woo; Hong Seong Ahn; 현상훈
-Studies on the preparation of novel poly(vinyl alcohol) embolic materials(III)-effect of molecular parameters of poly(vinyl acetate) on the particle size and its distribution이세근; LYOO WON SEOK; 김재필; 한문희; Kwon, Ick Chan; KIM, NAK JOONG; Lee, Chul Joo
-Packaging of electrically switchable tunable lasersS.H. Cho; S. Fox; Han Il Ki; J.H. Song; Y. Hu; Z.F. Fan; F.G. Johnson; D. Stone; Goetz Erbert; Frank Bugge; M. Dagenais
-Preparation of silicate phosphors doped with Tb ³ **+Hwang Young-Ju; YOU BYUNG YONG; BAE HYUN SOOK; PARK CHEOL HEE; KWON TEA WOON; 권일억; KIM CHANG HONG; PYUN CHONG-HONG
-Solution phase combinational chemistry using 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition. III. construction of triazole library강경호; Cho Yong Seo; Koh Hun Yeong; Choi Kyung Il; Pae Ae Nim; 이희윤; 정봉영