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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Runout identification in magnetic bearing system by LMS algrorithmKim Seung Jong; 김하용; Lee Chong Won
-Mutiple quantum-well device structures for smart pixel applicationYoo Jong Lee; KIM HWE JONG; 김종우; DereK L. Lile
-Optical controlled modulaton-doped FETKIM HWE JONG
-Controlled/"living" radical polymerization of methyl methacrylate and methyl acrylate by atom transfer radical polymerization using perfluoroalkyl iodide as an initiator.김경아; LEE IN SOOK; Jo Seong Mu; Lee Wha Seop; Ahn Byoung Sung; Park Kun You
-Comparative neuroprotective activities of KC-508 and KC-497, glycine site antagonists with MK-801 in a rat model of permanent focal ischemiaKu Hee-Jung; 성철민; 박노상; Jin Chang Bae
-Ba : Ti ratio effect on BaTiO3 particle size and crystallinity. II. Drying temperature effect on crystal structureKu Hee-Jung; Woo Kyoungja; CHOI GUANG JIN; Cho Young Sang; 이상균
-Burr recognition using 3D virtual sensor modelingKANG BYOUNG HUN; 이영대; 김진대; Park Jong Oh
-Construction of 400 small molecular library by solution phase combinatorial synthesisKoh Hun Yeong; 강경호; Lee Jieun; Choi Kyung Il; Pae Ae Nim; Cho Yong Seo; Chang Moon Ho; SUN HO CHUNG; 이희윤; 정봉영
-Auger electron microscopy study of AlGaN grown by molecular beam epitaxyJewon Kim; SON CHANG-SIK; PARK YOUNG KYUN; Kim Yong Tae; 최인훈
-Catalytic formation of dimethylcarbonate from carbondioxide and methanol in the presence of palladium complexes백진욱; 박순흠; Kim Hong Gon; Kim. Hoon Sik
-Change of microstructure during the infiltration of molten Cu into a W skeletonMyung Ki You; LEE SEUNG ICK; Hong Kyung Tae; 문인형
-Bis-GMA/3MA mixture as a new prepolymer system for dental restorative composite resinsHan Dong Keun; JUN HO-WOOK; 이찬우; KIM JONG MAN; Ahn Kwang-Duk; 김철생
-Extraction of perillyl alcohol from orange peel by supercritical fluid(I)Lee Youn-Woo; Kim Jae Duck; LEE YOUN YONG; 정용안; Lee Jong Ho; ROH KYUNG HO
-A study on the treatment of sulfurous acid gas by using the plasma정대희; 이진영; 정태진; 한춘; NA BYUNG KI; Oh Jong Kee; 송주섭; 신중극
-Development of sheet deposition rapid prototyping system and STL-based CAD system for rapid prototyping조인행; 허정훈; 강희석; 이건우; Song Yong Ak; 노경환
-C//xF//yI synthesis by iodination of Halon-1301이경환; Lim Jong Sung; Lee Youn-Woo; Kim Jae Duck
-Dynamic analysis of constrained multibody systems using partial velocity matrix박정훈; 유홍희; Hwang Yoha
-R & D trends of a plate-fin heat exchanger강병하; Kim Seo Young
-Heat transfer correlation of porous fin in a plate-fin heat exchangerKim Seo Young; KIM JIN HO; 강병하; 류해성
-Performance and flow characteristics of axial flow fanKim Kwang Ho; KIM CHANG SOO