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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-03T lymphocytes as potential therapeutic drug carrier for cancer treatmentUte Steinfeld; Christine Pauli; Nikolas Kaltz; Christian Bergemann; Hyeck-Hee Lee
1995-01t → r phase transformation of tetragonal zirconia alloys by grinding.김현재; 김대준; 정형진
1991-01t-BOC maleimide copolymers for thermally stable deep UV resists by chemical amplification.안광덕; 구덕일; 김승주
1998-12t-BOC protected alicyclic polymers for applications as high resolution ArF photoresists강종희; 신중한; 이재형; 김종만; 한동근; 안광덕
1993-01t-butyl alcohol synthesis in a polyphenylene oxide membrane reactor송인규; 이화영; 김재진
2005-03t-Butylation of 1,2-dihydroxybenzene over mesoporous solid acid catalystsM. Sevaraj; B.H. Him; 한종희; 이태규
2020-10T-Cell-Mimicking Nanoparticles for Cancer Immunotherapy류주희; 김한영; 강미경; 홍지혜; 정문교; 권성필; 송석영; 이주로; 강서경; 한진; 구자현; 임송현; 손희수; 최제민; 도준상; 김병수
2009-05T-hive : Vibrotactile Interface Presenting Spatial Information on Handle Surface류동석; 양기훈; 강성철
2012-12T-Hive: Bilateral Haptic Interface Using Vibrotactile Cues for Presenting Spatial Information류동석; 양기훈; 강성철
2010-10T-less : a Novel Touchless Human-Machine Interface based on Infrared Proximity Sensing류동석; 엄두간; Philip Tanofsky; 고도형; 유영삼; 강성철
2010-10T-Mobile: Vibrotactile Display Pad with Spatial and Directional Information for Hand-held Device양기훈; 진문섭; 진연섭; 강성철
2009-04T-N Removal of Acrylonitrile Wastewater by Supercritical Water Oxidation신영호; 이헌욱; 김재훈; 이윤우
2007-11T-RFLP analysis to investigate the effect of carbon sources on the biohydrogen production이윤지; 김지성; 이선미; 상병인
2006-11T-RFLP를 이용한 혐기성 수소생산 반응기내 미생물 군집분포 변화이윤지; 김지성; 이선미; 유명진; 상병인
2002-06T-type Ca+ ² channels in thalamic functions신희섭
2008-07T-type Ca2+ channel blockers suppress the growth of human cancer cells허재호; 서한나; 채윤정; 김수진; 오춘림; 김영덕; 임혜원; 주동준; 김정한; 이재열
2006-08T-type Ca2+ channels and absence epilepsy신희섭
2008-02T-type Ca2+ channels as therapeutic targets in the nervous system신희섭; 정은지; 최순욱; 이정륜; 나흥식
2003-09T-type Ca2+ channels in brain functions신희섭
2004-10T-type Ca2+ channels in thalamic sensory gating and affective disorder신희섭