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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-08V-grooved GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wire laser array confined by junction-isolation stripes김태근; 김은규; 민석기; 박정호
2015-01V220 Mutants of Ciona Voltage-Sensing Domain Based Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Voltage Sensors브래들리 베이커; 김은하; 다나라잔 라자쿠마; 박홍화; 강복음; 정아롱
2013-06V2O5 cathode for high-performance all-solid-state thin film battery김주선; 문주호; 신현정; 남경덕
2013-03Vacancy-suppressed lattice conductivity of high-ZT In4Se3-x지효석; 김형철; 이창훈; 이종수; 김무환; 매서드 카비아니; 심지훈
2005-11Vacuum hot pressing of Fe-Si-B-Nb based amorphous powder cores and their high frequency magnetic properties강은영; 김윤배; 김광윤; 정영훈; 백홍구
2006-08Vacuum hot pressing of Fe-Si-B-Nb-based amorphous powder cores and their high-frequency magnetic properties강은영; 김윤배; 김광윤; 정영훈; 백홍구
2004-03Vacuum hot pressing of gas-atomozed Ni-Zr-Ti-Si-Sn amorphous powder김윤배; 박현모; 정원용; 배종수
2001-10Vacuum in-line packaging and characterization of the surface-micromachined vacuum magnetic field sensorsHeung-Woo Park; Yun-Kwon Park; Duck-Jung Lee; Chul-Ju Kim; Jung-Ho Park; 오명환; 주병권
2001-08Vacuum in-line packaging technology of AC-PDP using direct-joint methodDuck-Jung Lee; Seung-Il Moon; 이윤희; 주병권; Jun-Dong Kim; Gwon-Jin Moon; Jin Jang
2002-12Vacuum in-line PDP sealing in low temperature by organic materials이덕중; 문권진; 김준동; 송치호; 장진; 오명환; 주병권
2000-04Vacuum packaging and operating properties of micro-tunneling sensors주병권; 박흥우; 이덕중; 손용배; 박정호; 오명환
1998-04Vacuum packaging of field emitter array using electrostatically-bonded glass-Si-glass/glass-glass structure주병권; 이덕중; 정지원; 김훈; 이상조; 이남양; 장진; 오명환
1999-03Vacuum packaging using anodic bonding and emission characteristics of FED이덕중; 주병권; 정지원; 김훈; Sung-Jae Jung; 장진; 오명환
1998-05Vacuum sealing of field-emission arrays using field-assisted bonding method이덕중; 주병권; 이윤희; 오명환; 이남양; 한정인; 조경익; 장진
2007-03Vacuum web-coater with high speed surface modification equipment for fabrication of 300 mm wide felexibel copper clad laminate (FCCL)최형욱; 박동희; 김지환; 최원국; 손영진; 송범식; 조정; 김영섭
2000-04Vacuum-electrostatic bonding properties of glass-to-glass substrates주병권; 이덕중; 이윤희
2014-03Vacuum-Induced Wrinkle Arrays of InGaAs Semiconductor Nanomembranes on Polydimethylsiloxane Microwell Arrays엄두승; 임성동; 이용수; 이호찬; 김형준; Wen-Chun Yen; Yu-Lun Chueh; 고현협
2020-05Valence State and Co-ordination of Implanted Ions in MgO채근화; B. Kaur; R. Bhardwaj; J. P. Singh; K. Asokan; N. Goyal; S. Gautam
1994-10Valence tautomerism for catechol/semiquinone complexes of the trans-M(Bupy)//2(3,6-DBQ)//2 (M=Mn, Fe, Co) series.Attia S. Attia; 정옥상; Cortlandt G. Pierpont