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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001-04Forced convection from aluminum foam materials in an asymmetrically heated channelKim, SY; Kang, BH; Kim, JH
2001-12-18Wide-angle X-ray scattering studies on the structural properties of polymer electrolytes containing silver ionsChoi, S; Kim, JH; Kang, YS
2001-08-01Effects of polymer concentration and zone drawing on the physical properties of poly(N-vinylcarbazole) thick filmLyoo, WS; Kim, JH; Yoon, WS; Kim, DH; Choi, JH; Ji, BC; Lee, CJ
2001-05New cephalosporin antibiotics with 3-triazolylpyridiniummethyl substituentsChang, KY; Kwon, SH; Nam, G; Seo, JH; Kim, SH; Choi, KI; Kim, JH; Ha, DC
2001-06-15Effect of stereosequences on crystallinity and properties of zone-drawn poly(vinyl alcohol) microfibrilsLyoo, WS; Kim, JH; Koo, K; Lee, JS; Kim, SS; Yoon, WS; Ji, BC; Kwon, IC; Lee, CJ
2001-06-15Phase behavior and mechanism of membrane formation for polyimide/DMSO/water systemKim, JH; Min, BR; Won, J; Park, HC; Kang, YS
2001-06-20Reductive debromination of vic-dibromides to alkenes with bis(cyclopentadienyl)titanium(IV) dichloride-indium systemYoo, BW; Choi, KH; Ko, JJ; Nam, GS; Chang, KY; Choi, KI; Kim, JH
2001-07-03Aggregation behaviors of a polystyrene-b-poly(methyl methacrylate) diblock copolymer at the air/water interfaceSeo, Y; Im, JH; Lee, JS; Kim, JH
2001-09-29Phase behavior and morphological studies of polyimide/PVP/solvent/water systems by phase inversionKim, JH; Min, BR; Park, HC; Won, J; Kang, YS
2001-06Photoresponse of Si detector based on n-ZnO/p-Si and n-ZnO/n-Si structuresKim, HY; Kim, JH; Kim, YJ; Chae, KH; Whang, CN; Song, JH; Im, S