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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-01Novel pyrrolo-quinoline derivatives as potent inhibitors for PI3-kinase related kinasesPeng, HR; Kim, DI; Sarkaria, JN; Cho, YS; Abraham, RT; Zalkow, LH
2002-01Mild and efficient reduction of sulfoxides to sulfides with bis(cyclopentadienyl)titanium(IV) dichloride-indium systemYoo, BW; Choi, KH; Lee, SJ; Yoon, CM; Kim, SH; Kim, JH
2002-01Momentum boundary layer and its influence on the convective heat transfer in porous mediaLee, DY; Jin, JS; Kang, BH
2002-01AlN piezoelectric materials for wireless communication thin film componentsKim, JH; Lee, SH; Ahn, JH; Lee, JK
2002-01Preparation of L-PLA submicron particles by a continuous supercritical antisolvent precipitation processSong, KH; Lee, CH; Lim, JS; Lee, YW
2002-01An efficient and selective 1-N-monoethylation of sisomicin: Process development of netilmicinNam, G; Kim, SH; Kim, JH; Shin, JH; Jang, ES
2002-01The analysis of oxygen plasma pretreatment for improving anodic bondingChoi, SW; Choi, WB; Lee, YH; Ju, BK; Sung, MY; Kim, BH
2002-01Relationship between the smallest scale of flame wrinkles and turbulence characteristics of high-pressure, high-temperature turbulent premixed flamesKobayashi, H; Kawahata, T; Seyama, K; Fujimari, T; Kim, JS
2002-01Radio-frequency magnetron sputtering power effect on the ionic conductivities of upon filmsChoi, CH; Cho, WI; Cho, BW; Kim, HS; Yoon, YS; Tak, YS
2002-01Structural analysis on photocatalytic efficiency of TiO2 by chemical vapor depositionKim, B; Byun, D; Lee, JK; Park, D
2002-01Electrochemical characteristics of sputtered lithium manganese oxide thin film for micropower systemsMoon, HS; Ji, KS; Park, JW; Cho, WI; Yoon, YS
2002-01Crystallization behavior of ferroelectric YMnO3 thin films on Si(100) substratesYoo, DC; Lee, JY; Kim, IS; Kim, YT
2002-01Extracting geometric attributes directly from scanned data sets for feature recognitionJun, YT; Raja, VH
2002-01Equalization of erbium gain spectrum using the multiport lattice filterBae, J; Chun, J; Lee, SB
2002-01Preparation of polyurethane membrane dressing with various water vapor transmissionsJung, BO; Kim, TJ; Park, SS; Chung, SJ; Kim, JJ
2002-01Characteristics of SWIR diodes of HgCdTe/CdTe/GaAs grown by metal organic vapor phase epitaxyKim, JS; An, SY; Suh, SH
2002-01Characteristics of plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposited W-B-N thin filmsKim, DJ; Sim, HS; Kim, SI; Kim, YT; Jeon, H
2002-01Dry deposition of reactive nitrogen and sulfur compounds in the greater Seoul areaGhim, YS; Kim, Jin Young
2002-01Effects of the density of meteorological observations on the diagnostic wind fields and the performance of photochemical modeling in the greater Seoul areaKim, JY; Ghim, YS
2002-01Studies of interfacial heat transfer resistances and characterization of strip microstructures for Al-Mg alloys cast on a single belt casting simulatorKim, JS; Isac, M; Guthrie, RIL; Byun, J