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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-01Influence of a buried misfit dislocation network on the pyramid-to-dome transition size of Ge self-assembled quantum dots on Si(001)Kim, HJ; Chang, JY; Xie, YH
2003-01Extensive hepatic uptake of Pz-peptide, a hydrophilic proline-containing pentapeptide, into isolated hepatocytes compared with colonocytes and Caco-2 cellsShin, TH; Lee, PS; Kwon, OS; Chung, YB
2003-01Shape and interband transition behavior of InAs quantum dots dependent on number of stacking cyclesKim, KM; Park, YJ; Roh, CH; Park, YM; Kim, EK; Hyon, CK; Park, JH; Kim, TW
2003-01Deactivation and regeneration of titania catalyst supported on glass fiber in the photocatalytic degradation of tolueneYou, YS; Chung, KH; Kim, YM; Kim, JH; Seo, G
2003-01Enhancement of emission characteristics for field-emitter arrays by optimizing the etched feature of the gate electrodeKim, H; Seo, SW; Lee, JW; Park, JW; Lee, YH; Jang, J; Ju, BK
2003-01Modification of ASM no.1 for a submerged membrane bioreactor system: including the effects of soluble microbial products on membrane foulingCho, J; Ahn, KH; Seo, Y; Lee, Y
2003-01Development of a cold-cathode electron gun for cathode-ray tube using a Mo-tip field-emitter arrayKim, H; Seo, SW; Park, JW; Lee, YH; Jang, J; Ju, BK
2003-01Microstructure of dispersed colloidal particles of a bilayer cubic phaseZheng, LQ; Um, JY; Chung, HS; Kwon, IC; Li, GZ; Jeong, SY
2003-01Growth of highly c-axis textured AIN films on Mo electrodes for film bulk acoustic wave resonatorsLee, SH; Lee, JK; Yoon, KH
2003-01Design and fabrication of a significantly shortened multimode interference coupler for polarization splitter applicationHong, JM; Ryu, HH; Park, SR; Jeong, JW; Lee, SG; Lee, EH; Park, SG; Woo, D; Kim, S; O, BH
2003-01Nano- and microscale friction behaviors of functionalized self-assembled monolayersPark, S; Kim, YW; Lim, JC; Ahn, HS; Park, SJ
2003-01Lasing in microcavities of fluorene-based polymer blends with liquid crystallinityLee, TW; Park, OO; Cho, HN; Kim, YC
2003-01A study of Korean femoral geometryKhang, G; Choi, K; Kim, CS; Yang, JS; Bae, TS
2003-01Adsorption dynamics of toluene in a packed bed charged with the polymeric adsorbentChoung, JH; Lee, YW; Choi, DK; Kim, SH
2003-01The reaction mechanism of catalytic oxidation with hydrogen peroxide and ozone in aqueous solutionPark, JS; Choi, H; Ahn, KH
2003-01Dynamics of nitrogen, phosphorus, algal biomass, and suspended solids in an artificial lentic ecosystem and significant implications of regional hydrology on trophic status.An, KG; Park, SS; Ahn, KH; Urchin, CG
2003-01The relationship between the fracture toughness and grain boundary character distribution in polycrystalline NiAlKim, T; Hong, KT; Lee, KS
2003-01Synthesis and characterization of fluorene-based poly(azomethines)Jung, SH; Lee, TW; Kim, YC; Suh, DH; Cho, HN
2003-01Four-week inhalation toxicity, mutagenicity and immunotoxicity studies of Keum-Yeon-Cho (NosmoQ), tobacco substitute composition, in miceKim, MY; Yoo, GY; Yoo, WH; Choi, JH; Bae, MO; Kim, JS; Kim, HW; Moon, SH; Kim, JH; Han, KT; Chae, CH; Kim, MS; Cho, MH
2003-01Thickness effects on magnetic properties and ferromagnetic resonance of Co-Ni-Fe soft magnetic thin filmsKim, YM; Choi, D; Kim, KH; Kim, J; Han, SH; Kim, HJ