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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-10Purification and characterization of human nucleolar phosphoprotein 140 expressed in Escherichia coliKim, YK; Jin, YN; Vukoti, KM; Park, JK; Kim, EE; Lee, KJ; Yu, YG
2003-04-17Synthesis, biodistribution and antitumor activity of hematoporphyrin-platinum(II) conjugatesKim, YS; Song, R; Kim, DH; Jun, MJ; Sohn, YS
2003-10-06Coordination polyhedron and chemical vapor deposition of Cu(hfacac)(2)(t-BuNH2)Woo, K; Paek, H; Lee, WI
2003-07High transfection efficiency of poly(4-vinylimidazole) as a new gene carrierIhm, JE; Han, KO; Han, IK; Ahn, KD; Han, DK; Cho, CS
2003-07-31Synthesis and antitumor activity of novel thermosensitive platinum(II)-cyclotriphosphazene conjugatesSong, SC; Lee, SB; Lee, BH; Ha, HW; Lee, KT; Sohn, YS
2003-05-30Significantly enhanced reactivities of the nucleophilic substitution reactions in ionic liquidKim, DW; Song, CE; Chi, DY
2003-05Chiral Co(III)(salen)-catalysed hydrolytic kinetic resolution of racemic epoxides in ionic liquidsOh, CR; Choo, DJ; Shim, WH; Lee, DH; Roh, EJ; Lee, S; Song, CE
2003-06-18A metal-centered hydrophobic pocket recognizing pyridine over piperidineKim, KH; Song, R; Kim, KM
2003-02-10Subtle role of polyatomic anions in molecular construction: Structures and properties of AgX bearing 2,4 '-thiobis(pyridine) (X- = NO3-, BF4-, ClO4-, PF6-, CF3CO2-, and CF3SO3-)Jung, WS; Kim, YJ; Lee, YA; Park, KM; Lee, SS
2003-02-18The effects of serum on the stability and the transfection activity of the cationic lipid emulsion with various oilsKim, YJ; Kim, TW; Chung, H; Kwon, IC; Sung, HC; Jeong, SY