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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-04-01All-optical half adder using semiconductor optical amplifier based devicesKim, JH; Byun, YT; Jhon, YM; Lee, S; Woo, DH; Kim, SH
2003-12-15Effect of carbohydrates attached to polystyrene on hepatocyte morphology on sugar-derivatized polystyrene matricesKim, SH; Hoshiba, T; Akaike, T
2003-10-07High molecular weight poly(L-lactide) and its microsphere synthesized in supercritical chlorodifluoromethanePack, JW; Kim, SH; Park, SY; Lee, YW; Kim, YH
2003-12-02Kinetic and mechanistic studies of L-lactide polymerization in supercritical chlorodifluoromethanePack, JW; Kim, SH; Park, SY; Lee, YW; Kim, YH
2003-11-01Voltage-controllable wavelength-selective optical switching based on multiply cascaded long-period fiber gratingsHan, YG; Choi, SM; Kim, SH; Lee, SB
2003-09Gentamicin-releasing urethral catheter for short-term catheterizationCho, YW; Park, JH; Kim, SH; Cho, YH; Choi, JM; Shin, HJ; Bae, YH; Chung, H; Jeong, SY; Kwon, IC
2003-06Peroxiredoxin II is essential for sustaining life span of erythrocytes in miceLee, TH; Kim, SU; Yu, SL; Kim, SH; Park, DS; Moon, HB; Dho, SH; Kwon, KS; Kwon, HJ; Han, YH; Jeong, S; Kang, SW; Shin, HS; Lee, KK; Rhee, SG; Yu, DY
2003-06Enhanced blood compatibility of polymers grafted by sulfonated PEO via a negative cilia conceptKim, YH; Han, DK; Park, KD; Kim, SH
2003-09Anti-angiogenic, antioxidant and xanthine oxidase inhibition activities of the mushroom Phellinus linteusSong, YS; Kim, SH; Sa, JH; Jin, C; Lim, CJ; Park, EH
2003-07-29Synthesis and characterization of poly(L-lactide)-poly(epsilon-caprolactone) multiblock copolymersJeon, O; Lee, SH; Kim, SH; Lee, YM; Kim, YH