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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-09Characterization of a nickel-strontium phosphate catalyst for partial oxidation of methaneJun, JH; Lee, SJ; Lee, SH; Lee, TJ; Kong, SJ; Lim, TH; Nam, SW; Hong, SA; Yoon, KJ
2003-12-20Synthesis and characterization of bifunctional organic-glasses based on diphenylhydrazone and barbituric acid derivative for photorefractive applicationLee, SH; Choi, CS; Kim, N; Choi, DH; Park, KH
2003-12-12Dielectric dispersion characteristics of sand contaminated by heavy metal, landfill leachate and BTEX (02-104B)Lee, JH; Oh, MH; Park, J; Lee, SH; Ahn, KH
2003-08-01Enhanced biological phosphorus and nitrogen removal using a sequencing anoxic/anaerobic membrane bioreactor (SAM) processAhn, KH; Song, KG; Cho, ES; Cho, JW; Yun, HJ; Lee, SH; Kim, JY
2003-12-01Chemo-enzymatic synthesis of (R)-(+)-aminoglutethimide by kinetic resolution of (+/-)-4-cyano-4-phenyl-1-hexanolIm, DS; Cheong, CS; Lee, SH; Jung, YK; Jeong, IH
2003-12-01Lipase-catalyzed remote kinetic resolution of arylic nitriles with adjacent quaternary chiral center and the determination of their absolute configurationIm, DS; Cheong, CS; Lee, SH
2003-11Role of K+ channels in frequency regulation of spontaneous action potentials in rat pituitary GH(3) cellsLee, SH; Lee, EH; Ryu, SY; Rhim, H; Baek, HJ; Lim, W; Ho, WK
2003-07-29Synthesis and characterization of poly(L-lactide)-poly(epsilon-caprolactone) multiblock copolymersJeon, O; Lee, SH; Kim, SH; Lee, YM; Kim, YH
2003-08Design knowledge management with reconstructible structureKoh, H; Ha, S; Kim, T; Rho, HM; Lee, SH
2003-11-25Altered urinary profiles of polyamines and endogenous steroids in patients with benign cervical disease and cervical cancerLee, SH; Yang, YJ; Kim, KM; Chung, BC