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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-02Identification and functional characterization of novel CYP2J2 variants: G312R variant causes loss of enzyme catalytic activityLee, SS; Jeong, HE; Liu, KH; Ryu, JY; Moon, T; Yoon, CN; Oh, SJ; Yun, CH; Shin, JG
2005-03Specific interaction of mannosylated glycopolymers with macrophage cells mediated by mannose receptorPark, KH; Sung, WJ; Kim, SW; Kim, DH; Akaike, T; Chung, HM
2005-04-01Inhibition of inducible nitric oxide synthase and cyclooxygenase II by Platycodon grandiflorum saponins via suppression of nuclear factor-KB activation in RAW 264.7 cellsAhn, KS; Noh, EJ; Zhao, HL; Jung, SH; Kang, SS; Kim, YS
2005-03-31Construction and validation of human cDNA microarray for estimation of endocrine disrupting chemicals (KISTCHIP-400 ver. 1.0)Ryu, Jae-Chun; Kim, Youn-Jung
2005-11Quantitative analysis of shape-specific interactions of Rev response element with a positively charged Rev peptide by capillary electrophoresisHan, KC; Yu, JH; Yang, EG
2005-08-16Using the chorions of fertilized zebrafish eggs as a biomaterial for the attachment and differentiation of mouse stem cellsLee, JW; Na, DS; Chae, SK; Kim, C; Kang, JY; Ju, BK; Lee, H; Kim, SU; Hwang, CN; Lee, SH
2005-09-27Functional roles of Ca(v)1.3(alpha(1D)) calcium channels in atria insights gained from gene-targeted null mutant miceZhang, Z; He, YX; Tuteja, D; Xu, DY; Timofeyev, V; Zhang, QA; Glatter, KA; Xu, YF; Shin, HS; Low, R; Chiamvimonvat, N
2005-09-30Toxicogenomic analysis and identification of estrogen responsive genes of di (n-ethylhexyl) phthalate in MCF-7 cellsKim, Youn-Jung; Yun, Hye-Jung; Ryu, Jae-Chun
2005-09-30Molecular mechanism of NO-induced cell death of PC12 cells by IFN gamma and TNF alphaYi, Seh Yoon; Han, Seon Kyu; Lee, Jee Yeon; Yoo, Young Sook
2005-08T-type calcium channel trigger p21(ras) signaling pathway to ERK in Ca(v)3.1-expressed HEK293 cellsChoi, JY; Park, JH; Kwon, OY; Kim, S; Chung, JH; Lim, DS; Kim, KS; Rhim, H; Han, YS