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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-02-15Growth and properties of ZnO nanoblade and nanoflower prepared by ultrasonic pyrolysisSuh, HW; Kim, GY; Jung, YS; Choi, WK; Byun, D
2005-03Comparisons of thermal properties between inorganic filler and acid-treated multiwall nanotube/polymer compositesLee, GW; Lee, JI; Lee, SS; Park, M; Kim, J
2005-04-27Phase and microstructure stabilities of LiAlO2 in molten Li/Na carbonate for molten carbonate fuel cellsKim, SD; Hyun, SH; Shin, MY; Lim, TH; Hong, SA; Lim, HC
2005-08-01Sub-micron ferroelectric domain engineering in liquid phase epitaxy LiNbO3 by direct-write e-beam techniquesSon, J; Yuen, Y; Orlov, SS; Hesselink, L
2005-05-11Nanoscale localization of poly(vinylidene fluoride) in the lamellae of thin films of symmetric polystyrene-poly(methyl methacrylate) diblock copolymersYoo, SI; Yun, SH; Choi, JM; Sohn, BH; Zin, WC; Jung, JC; Lee, KH; Jo, SM; Cho, JH; Park, C
2005-09-26Patterned growth of ZnO nanorods by micromolding of sol-gel-derived seed layerKwon, SJ; Park, JH; Park, JG
2005-12A superelastic alloy microgripper with embedded electromagnetic actuators and piezoelectric force sensors: a numerical and experimental studyKim, DH; Lee, MG; Kim, B; Sun, Y
2005-09New application of electrospun TiO2 solid-state dye-sensitized solar electrode to cellsSong, MY; Kim, DK; Ihn, KJ; Jo, SM; Kim, DY
2005-06-15Direct-write e-beam sub-micron domain engineering in liquid phase epitaxy (LPE) LiNbO3 thin films and single crystal LiNbO3Son, J; Yuen, Y; Orlov, SS; Galambos, L; Hesselink, L
2005-04Role of nanoparticle in PNN-PZT/Ag nanocompositeChung, HT; Cheon, DS; Kim, CS