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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-02-15Growth and properties of ZnO nanoblade and nanoflower prepared by ultrasonic pyrolysisSuh, HW; Kim, GY; Jung, YS; Choi, WK; Byun, D
2005-01Corrosion performance of diamond-like carbon (DLC)-coated Ti alloy in the simulated body fluid environmentKim, HG; Ahn, SH; Kim, JG; Park, SJ; Lee, KR
2005-03Pinecone-like Cu(II) crystal growth on the surface of amine-group-immobilized polymersKo, YG; Shin, DH; Choi, US
2005-01On the origin of electrodeposition mechanism of ZnO on ITO substrateLee, J; Nam, SC; Tak, Y
2005-03Electric field switching between blue-green and red cathodoluminescence in poly(4,4 '-diphenylene diphenylvinylene) mixed with ZnO : Mg nanoparticlesPanin, GN; Kang, TW; Aleshin, AN; Baranov, AN; Oh, YJ; Khotina, IA
2005-03Reactions of amines with CVD diamond nanopowdersLee, JK; Anderson, MW; Gray, FA; John, P; Lee, JY
2005-01Self-lubricating composite coating on air foil bearing shaft by Hollow Cathode Plasma JetYang, MK; Yang, HS; Park, JK; Ryu, K; Lee, YB; Lee, JK
2005-12Direct observation of cobalt precipitates in nanocrystalline Cu-Co powder synthesised by laser ablationAhn, JP; Jung, YK; Park, JK; Huh, MY
2005-10Fabrication and magnetic force microscopy (MFM) observation of nano scale ferromagnetic nanodot arraysChang, JY; Park, WH; Fraerman, AA; Mironov, VL
2005-09Kinetic Characteristics of FCC to Hexagonal Transformation in (Ge1Sb2Te4)(0.8)(Sn1Bi2Te4)(0.2) Chalcogenide Alloy for Phase Change MemoryAhn, Dong-Ho; Kim, Hyun-Mi; Lee, Min-Hyun; Kang, Dae-Hwan; Cheong, Byung-ki; Kim, Ki-Bum