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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-02Effect of thermal spray processing techniques on the microstructure and properties of Ni-based amorphous coatingsLee, SM; Moon, BM; Fleury, E; Ahn, HS; Kim, DH; Kim, WT; Sordelet, DJ
2005-02Synthesis and mechanical properties of conventionally cast icosahedral particle-reinforced Al-Mn(-Cu)-Be-Si alloysFleury, E; Chang, HJ; Kim, DH; Kim, DH; Kim, WT
2005-05Influence of the electromagnetic stirring on globularization of primary solid phase in solid-liquid regionLee, DY; Kim, K; Kim, DH
2005-01-17Co-doped TiO2 nanowire electric field-effect transistors fabricated by suspended molecular template methodLee, YH; Yoo, JM; Park, DH; Kim, DH; Ju, BK
2005-03Specific interaction of mannosylated glycopolymers with macrophage cells mediated by mannose receptorPark, KH; Sung, WJ; Kim, SW; Kim, DH; Akaike, T; Chung, HM
2005-03-08Synthesis of ferromagnetic Fe-based bulk glassy alloys in the Fe-Nb-B-Y systemSong, DS; Kim, JH; Fleury, E; Kim, WT; Kim, DH
2005-02-01Temperature dependence of the tribological properties of laser re-melted Al-Cu-Fe quasicrystalline plasma sprayed coatingsFeng, LP; Shao, TM; Jin, YJ; Fleury, E; Kim, DH; Chen, DR
2005-01Identification of glutathione conjugates and mercapturic acids of 1,2-dibromopropane in female BALB/c mice by liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometryLee, SK; Jin, CH; Hyun, SH; Lee, DW; Kim, GH; Jeon, TW; Lee, J; Kim, DH; Jeong, HG; Lee, ES; Jeong, TC
2005-04Laser cladded AlCuFe plus Sn quasicrystalline composite coatingsFeng, LP; Shao, TM; Jin, YJ; Eric, Fleury; Kim, DH; Chen, DR; Wei, YG
2005-12Liquid chromatography - Mass spectrometric analysis of urinary metabolites and their pattern recognition for the prediction of drug-induced hepatotoxicityLa, S; Yoo, HH; Kim, DH