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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-02-02Structural and electrochemical properties of Li1+xNi0.5Mn0.5O2+delta (0 <= x <= 0.7) cathode materials for lithium-ion batteriesChoi, SH; Shlyakhtin, OA; Kim, J; Yoon, YS
2005-02-02Viable image analyzing method to characterize the microstructure and the properties of the Ni/YSZ cermet anode of SOFCLee, KR; Choi, SH; Kim, J; Lee, HW; Lee, JH
2005-02Fabrication and characterization of a SnO2-RuO2 composite anode for a hybrid thin film batteryChoi, SH; Kim, J; Yoon, YS
2005-03Comparisons of thermal properties between inorganic filler and acid-treated multiwall nanotube/polymer compositesLee, GW; Lee, JI; Lee, SS; Park, M; Kim, J
2005-11Trichostatin A exacerbates atherosclerosis in low density lipoprotein receptor-deficient miceChoi, JH; Nam, KH; Kim, J; Baek, MW; Park, JE; Park, HY; Kwon, HJ; Kwon, OS; Kim, DY; Oh, GT
2005-10Disordering of clay layers in the nylon 6/clay nanocomposites prepared by anionic polymerizationPark, JH; Kim, WN; Kye, HS; Lee, SS; Park, M; Kim, J; Lim, S
2005-03Effect of carbon black addition on reaction-bonded silicon carbide ceramicsKim, J; Jun, HW; Song, H; Lee, JH; Lee, HW
2005-01-14Characterization of ZrO2 co-doped with SC2O3 and CeO2 electrolyte for the application of intermediate temperature SOFCsLee, DS; Kim, WS; Choi, SH; Kim, J; Lee, HW; Lee, JH
2005-03-10Exfoliation of layered silicate facilitated by ring-opening reaction of cyclic oligomers in PET-clay nanocompositesLee, SS; Ma, YT; Rhee, HW; Kim, J
2005-03Enhancement of compatibility and toughening of commingled packaging film wastesJeon, BH; Yoon, H; Hwang, SS; Kim, J; Hong, SM