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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-03Memory operation of Pt-SrBi2Ta2O9-Y2O3-Si field-effect transistor with damage-free selective dry etching processShim, SI; Kwon, YS; Kim, SI; Kim, YT; Park, JH
2005-01Theoretical prediction of tunability enhancement in coplanar-type capacitors by adopting embedded electrodes structureKim, DY; Yoon, Seok Jin
2005-01Effects of annealing conditions on the crystallization and grain growth of metastable Ge2Sb2Te5Park, YJ; Lee, JY; Youm, MS; Kim, YT
2005-10Fabrication and study of Ni75Fe25-SiO2 granular films for high frequency applicationGe, SH; Yang, XL; Kim, KY; Xi, L; Kou, XM; Yao, DS; Li, BS; Wang, XW
2005-09Reproducible resistive switching in nonstoichiometric nickel oxide films grown by rf reactive sputtering for resistive random access memory applicationsPark, JW; Park, JW; Kim, DY; Lee, JK
2005-05-19Synthesis and magnetic properties of manganese-doped GaP nanowiresHan, DS; Bae, SY; Seo, HW; Kang, YJ; Park, J; Lee, G; Ahn, JP; Kim, S; Chang, J
2005-03Microstructure of MoSi2-base nanocomposite coatings formed on Mo substrates by chemical vapor depositionYoon, Jin-Kook; Son, Keun-Hyung; Han, Jun-Hyun; Kim, Gyeung-Ho; Doh, Jung-Mann; Hong, Kyung-Tae
2005-03-22Spectro-ellipsometric studies of Au/SiO2 nanocomposite filmsCho, S; Lim, H; Lee, KS; Lee, TS; Cheong, B; Kim, WM; Lee, S
2005-01-15Cathodic electrodeposition of amorphous titanium oxide films from an alkaline solution bathLokhande, CD; Min, SK; Jung, KD; Joo, OS
2005-03-14Unusual stress behavior in W-incorporated hydrogenated amorphous carbon filmsWang, AY; Ahn, HS; Lee, KR; Ahn, JP