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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-01Hierarchical evolution of arrayed nanowires, nanorods, and nanosheets in ZnOPark, JH; Park, JG
2005-01Enhancement of photovoltaic characteristics using a PEDOT interlayer in TiO2/MEHPPV heterojunction devicesSong, MY; Kim, KJ; Kim, DY
2005-01Preparation of maghemite nanoparticles for clinical applicationsWoo, K.; Lee, H.J.
2005-01The photovoltaic effect of the p-n heterojunction organic photovoltaic device using a nano template methodOh, S.-W.; Woo, Rhee H.; Lee, C.; Chul, Kim Y.; Kim, Jai Kyeong; Yu, J.-W.
2005-01Ferromagnetic Mn-doped GaN nanowiresHan, DS; Park, J; Rhie, KW; Kim, S; Chang, J
2005-01Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of peptide deformylase (PDF) from Bacillus cereus in ligand-free and actinonin-bound formsPark, JK; Moon, JH; Kim, JH; Kim, EE
2005-01Identification of glutathione conjugates and mercapturic acids of 1,2-dibromopropane in female BALB/c mice by liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometryLee, SK; Jin, CH; Hyun, SH; Lee, DW; Kim, GH; Jeon, TW; Lee, J; Kim, DH; Jeong, HG; Lee, ES; Jeong, TC
2005-01A feasibility study on advanced methodology to produce high-performance nano WC-Co granule feedstock for thermal sprayingJun, HW; Seok, HK; Kim, JS; Lee, HW
2005-01Wavelength and repetition rate tunable optical pulse source using a chirped fiber Bragg grating and a nonlinear optical loop mirrorLee, JH; Chang, YM; Han, YG; Kim, SH; Chung, HY; Lee, SB
2005-01The effect of electromagnetic vibration on the silicon size at hypoeutectic Al-Si alloyChoi, JP; Kim, KB; Park, JP; Yoon, EP; Nam, TW
2005-01Optical properties of Au nanoparticle dispersed (Ba,Sr)TiO3 thin filmsLee, KS; Lee, TS; Kim, IH; Cheong, B; Kim, WM
2005-01Wrinkling of a sol-gel-derived thin filmKwon, SJ; Park, JH; Park, JG
2005-01Dispersion-compensating Raman/EDPA hybrid amplifier recycling residual Raman pump for efficiency enhancementLee, JH; Chang, YM; Han, YG; Kim, SH; Chung, HY; Lee, SB
2005-01Effects of sulfuric acid treatment on the microstructure and electrochemical performance of a polyacrylonitrile (PAN)-based carbon anodeKim, YJ; Lee, HJ; Lee, SW; Cho, BW; Park, CR
2005-01Growth of heteroepitaxial ZnO thin film and ZnO/(Mg,Zn)O nanomultilayer by off-axis rf magnetron sputteringPark, JW; Park, Y; Park, JW; Jeon, M; Lee, JK
2005-01Analysis of pipe flow during transportation of magnesium alloy meltLee, HG; Kim, DJ; Han, JW; You, BD; Byun, JY
2005-01Aerosol optical, chemical and physical properties at Gosan, Korea during Asian dust and pollution episodes in 2001Kim, SW; Yoon, SC; Jefferson, A; Ogren, JA; Dutton, EG; Won, JG; Ghim, YS; Lee, IB; Han, JS
2005-01Design and fabrication of an integrated cell processor for single embryo cell manipulationPark, J; Jung, SH; Kim, YH; Kim, B; Lee, SK; Park, JO
2005-01Tissue engineered bone formation with polymer/ceramic composites by press-and-baking methodJung, YM; Kim, SH; Kim, SS; You, HJ; Kim, BS; Kim, S; Kim, SH; Kim, YH
2005-01Thorn-like BN nanostructuresJang, WS; Bae, SY; Park, J; Ahn, Jae Pyoung