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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-10Epothilones induce human colon cancer SW620 cell apoptosis via the tubulin polymerization-independent activation of the nuclear factor-kappa B/i kappa B kinase signal pathwayLee, Seung Ho; Son, Seung Mo; Son, Dong Ju; Kim, Sun Mi; Kim, Tack Joong; Song, Sukgil; Moon, Dong Cheul; Lee, Hyo Won; Ryu, Jae Chun; Yoon, Do-Young; Hong, Jin Tae
2007-10Mechanism-based inactivation of cytochrome p450 2A6 by decursinol angelate isolated from Angelica gigasYoo, Hye Hyun; Lee, Min Woo; Kim, Young Choong; Yun, Chul-Ho; Kim, Dong-Hyun
2007-06-30An inhibitory compound against the interaction between Gas and the third intracellular loop region of serotonin receptor subtype 6 (5-HT6) disrupts the signaling pathway of 5-HT6Choi, Yun Hee; Kang, Hatan; Lee, Won Kyu; Kim, Taehyun; Rhim, Hyewhon; Yu, Yeon Gyu
2007-12-15Investigation of the estrogenic activities of pesticides from Pal-dang reservoir by in vitro assayOh, Young Jin; Jung, Yeon Jung; Kang, Joon-Wun; Yoo, Young Sook
2007-12-15An RNA aptamer that recognizes a specific conformation of the protein calsenilinLee, Kyung Hyun; Jeong, Sunjoo; Yang, Eun Gyung; Park, Yong-Keun; Yu, Jaehoon
2007-05FDG-PET for evaluating the antitumor effect of intraarterial 3-bromopyruvate administration in a rabbit VX2 liver tumor modelPark, Hee Sun; Chung, Jin Wook; Jae, Hwan Jun; Kim, Young Il; Son, Kyu Ri; Lee, Min Jong; Park, Jae Hyung; Kang, Won Jun; Coop, Jung Swan; Chung, Hesson; Lee, Kichang
2007-11Scalarane sesterterpenes from a marine sponge of the genus spongia and their FXR antagonistic activityNam, Sang-Jip; Ko, Hyunsil; Ju, Moon Kyeong; Hwang, Hoosang; Chin, Jungwook; Ham, Jungyeob; Lee, Byoungchan; Lee, Jaehwan; Won, Dong Hwan; Choi, Hyukjae; Ko, Jaeyoung; Shin, Kyoungjin; Oh, Taekyung; Kim, Seokho; Rho, Jung-Rae; Kang, Heonjoong
2007-07Attenuated pain responses in mice lacking Ca(V)3.2 T-type channelsChoi, S.; Na, H. S.; Kim, J.; Lee, J.; Lee, S.; Kim, D.; Park, J.; Chen, C.-C.; Campbell, K. P.; Shin, H.-S.
2007-02Cholecystokinin-8S-induced intracellular calcium signaling in acutely isolated periaqueductal gray neurons of the ratYang, Yu-Mi; Chung, Jun-Mo; Rhim, Hyewhon
2007-11-20Boronated porphyrins and chlorins as potential anticancer drugsOl'shevskaya, Valentina A.; Zaytsev, Andrey V.; Savchenko, Arina N.; Shtil, Alexander A.; Cheong, Chan Seong; Kalinin, Valery N.