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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-11-01Controlled Preparation of Poly(ethylene glycol) and poly(L-lactide) Block Copolymers in the Presence of a Monomer ActivatorLee, Sang Hyo; Oh, Jae Min; Son, Jin Soo; Lee, Jung Won; Kim, Byunc Soo; Khang, Gilson; Han, Dong Keun; Kim, Jae Ho; Lee, Hai Bang; Kim, Moon Suk
2009-11Effect of additive composition on microstructure and mechanical properties of SiC ceramics sintered with small amount of RE2O3 (RE: Sc, Lu, Y) and AlNKumar, B. V. Manoj; Roh, Myong-Hoon; Kim, Young-Wook; Kim, Wonjoong; Park, Sang-Whan; Seo, Won-Seon
2009-10High Temperature Mechanical Properties of Rapidly Quenched Zr50Ni27Nb18Co5 Amorphous AlloyJayalakshmi, S.; Fleury, E.
2009-12Simultaneous synthesis and consolidation of nanostructured 1.5Ti-Al2O3 from mechanically activated powders by high-frequency induction heatingChae, Seung-Myoung; Park, Je-Shin; Kim, Wonbaek; Oh, Sung-Tag; Yoon, Jin-Kook; Shon, In-Jin
2009-10-19Formation of nanodispersoids in Fe-Cr-Al/30%TiB2 composite system during mechanical alloyingSachan, Ritesh; Park, Jong-Woo
2009-09Application of ionic liquids as mobile phase additives and surface-bonded stationary phase in liquid chromatographyHan, Dandan; Tian, Minglei; Park, Dong Wha; Choi, Dae Ki; Row, Kyung Ho
2009-09Electrochemical Properties of MnOx-RuO2 Nanofiber Mats Synthesized by Co-ElectrospinningHyun, Tae-Seon; Kang, Ji-Eun; Kim, Ho-Gi; Hong, Jae-Min; Kim, Il-Doo
2009-04-09Interdimensional universality of dynamic interfacesKim, Kab-Jin; Lee, Jae-Chul; Ahn, Sung-Min; Lee, Kang-Soo; Lee, Chang-Won; Cho, Young Jin; Seo, Sunae; Shin, Kyung-Ho; Choe, Sug-Bong; Lee, Hyun-Woo
2009-10Microtribological Properties of Topographically-modified Polymeric Surfaces with Different PitchesPham, Duc Cuong; Na, Kyounghwan; Yang, Sungwook; Kim, Jinseok; Yoon, Eui-Sung
2009-07Preparation and Characterization of Thermoplastic Composite Based on Poly(vinylidene fluoride) and Multiwalled Carbon NanotubeKim, Gwang Ho; Lee, Ji Seok; Koo, Chong Min; Hong, Soon Man