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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-11Ex situ synthesis and optical properties of ZnO-PbS nanocompositesNtwaeaborwa, O. M.; Kroon, R. E.; Kumar, V.; Dubroca, T.; Ahn, J. -P.; Park, J. -K.; Swart, H. C.
2009-11-30Immobilization of nanocatalysts on cordierite honeycomb monoliths for low temperature NOx reductionGo, Min Jung; Lee, Baeck Kyoung; Kumar, Pullur Anil; Lee, Won Koo; Joo, Oh Shim; Ha, Heon Phil; Bin Lim, Heung; Hur, Nam Hwi
2009-12-20Anionic Indicators on the Surface of Submicrospheres Consisting of Ionic Palladium(II) ComplexKim, Cho Rong; Noh, Tae Hwan; Yoo, Kyung Ho; Yoo, Bok Ryul; Jung, Ok-Sang
2009-09Tuning Reactivity and Selectivity for Olefin Oxidation through Local O Bonding on AuMin, Byoung Koun; Deng, Xingyi; Li, Xiaoying; Friend, Cynthia M.; Alemozafar, Ali Reza
2009-09Ferromagnetism in Chemically-synthesized Co-doped ZnOKumar, Shalendra; Kim, Y. J.; Koo, B. H.; Choi, Heekyu; Lee, C. G.; Sharma, S. K.; Knobel, M.; Gautam, S.; Chae, K. H.
2009-06-10Synthesis of photosensitive nanograined TiO2 thin films by SILAR methodPatil, U. M.; Gurav, K. V.; Joo, Oh-Shim; Lokhande, C. D.
2009-01-15Sonochemical deposition of nanosized Au on titanium oxides with different surface coverage and their photocatalytic activityYang, Daniel; Park, Sang-Eun; Lee, Joong-Kee; Lee, Sang-Wha
2009-05Catalytic conversion of 1,2-dichlorobenzene using V2O5/TiO2 catalysts by a thermal decomposition processChin, Sungmin; Jurng, Jongsoo; Lee, Jae-Heon; Moon, Seung-Jae
2009-08-15Synergetic effect of copper-plating wastewater as a catalyst for the destruction of acrylonitrile wastewater in supercritical water oxidationShin, Young Ho; Lee, Hong-shik; Lee, Young-Ho; Kim, Jaehoon; Kim, Jae-Duck; Lee, Youn-Woo
2009-08-15Improvement of hydrogen sorption properties of MgH2 with various sizes and stoichiometric compositions of TiCShin, Jung Hoon; Lee, Gil-Jae; Cho, Young Whan; Lee, Kyung Sub