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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-01High efficiency ultraviolet photovoltaic cells based on ZnO-C-60 core-shell QDs with organic-inorganic multilayer structureSon, Dong Ick; Kwon, Byoung Wook; Do Yang, Jeong; Park, Dong Hee; Angadi, Basavaraj; Choi, Won Kook
2012-01A distinct platinum growth mode on shaped gold nanocrystalsYang, Sungeun; Park, Na-Young; Han, Joung Woo; Kim, Cheonghee; Lee, Seung-Cheol; Lee, Hyunjoo
2012-02Structural and magnetic properties of electrospun FeCoNi magnetic nanofibers with nanogranular phasesPark, Ji Hea; Kweon, Soon C.; Kim, Sang Woo
2012-02Multiplex Imaging of an Intracellular Proteolytic Cascade by using a Broad-Spectrum NanoquencherHuang, Xinglu; Swierczewska, Magdalena; Choi, Ki Young; Zhu, Lei; Bhirde, Ashwinkumar; Park, Jinwoo; Kim, Kwangmeyung; Xie, Jin; Niu, Gang; Lee, Kang Choon; Lee, Seulki; Chen, Xiaoyuan
2012-01Antibacterial performance of TiO2 ultrafine nanopowder synthesized by a chemical vapor condensation method: Effect of synthesis temperature and precursor vapor concentrationKim, Yeon Seok; Le Thuy Linh; Park, Eun Seok; Chin, Sungmin; Bae, Gwi-Nam; Jurng, Jongsoo
2012-12-10Tetraiodothyroacetic acid-tagged liposomes for enhanced delivery of anticancer drug to tumor tissue via integrin receptorLee, Sangbin; Kim, Jiyeon; Shim, Gayong; Kim, Sunil; Han, Su Eun; Kim, Kwangmeyung; Kwon, Ick Chan; Choi, Yongseok; Kim, Young Bong; Kim, Chan-Wha; Oh, Yu-Kyoung
2012-11-07Manganese oxide/carbon composite nanofibers: electrospinning preparation and application as a bi-functional cathode for rechargeable lithium-oxygen batteriesJung, Kyu-Nam; Lee, Ji-In; Yoon, Sukeun; Yeon, Sun-Hwa; Chang, Wonyoung; Shin, Kyung-Hee; Lee, Jong-Won
2012-11Sorption of Pb(II) and Cu(II) onto multi-amine grafted mesoporous silica embedded with nano-magnetite: Effects of steric factorsChung, Jaeshik; Chun, Jinyoung; Lee, Jinwoo; Lee, Sang Hyup; Lee, Young Jae; Hong, Seok Won
2012-11Enzyme immobilization on carbon nanomaterials: Loading density investigation and zeta potential analysisMin, Kyoungseon; Kim, Jungbae; Park, Kyungmoon; Yoo, Young Je
2012-10-02Multifunctionalized Cantilever Systems for Electronic Nose ApplicationsYoo, Yong Kyoung; Chae, Myung-Sic; Kang, Ji Yoon; Kim, Tae Song; Hwang, Kyo Seon; Lee, Jeong Hoon