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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-12-24Ionic Polymer-Metal Composite Actuators Obtained from Radiation-Grafted Cation- and Anion-Exchange MembranesPark, Jong Hyuk; Han, Man Jae; Song, Dae Seock; Jho, Jae Young
2014-07-14The seeded growth of grapheneLee, Jae-Kap; Lee, Sohyung; Kim, Yong-Il; Kim, Jin-Gyu; Min, Bong-Ki; Lee, Kyung-Il; Park, Yeseul; John, Phillip
2014-05-07Electronic structure of Fe/MgO/Fe multilayer stack by X-ray magnetic circular dichroismGautam, Sanjeev; Asokan, Kandasami; Singh, Jitendra Pal; Chang, Fan-Hsiu; Lin, Hong-Ji; Chae, Keun Hwa
2014-11-03Germanium microflower-on-nanostem as a high-performance lithium ion battery electrodeLee, Gwang-Hee; Kwon, S. Joon; Park, Kyung-Soo; Kang, Jin-Gu; Park, Jae-Gwan; Lee, Sungjun; Kim, Jae-Chan; Shim, Hyun-Woo; Kim, Dong-Wan
2014-11Graphene-Titania Hybrid Photoanodes by Supersonic Kinetic Spraying for Solar Water SplittingLee, Jong-Gun; Kim, Do-Yeon; Park, Jung-Jae; Cha, You-Hong; Yoon, Joshua Y.; Jeon, Hyo Sang; Min, Byoung Koun; Swihart, Mark T.; Jin, Sungho; Al-Deyab, Salem S.; Yoon, Sam S.
2014-11Low-temperature-fabricated ZnO, AZO, and SnO2 nanoparticle-based dye-sensitized solar cellsKim, Hong Hee; Park, Cheolmin; Choi, WonKook; Cho, Sungjae; Moon, ByungJoon; Son, Dong Ick
2014-10Facile fabrication of YSZ/GDC multi-layers by using a split target in pulsed laser deposition and their structural and electrical propertiesPark, Jung Hoon; Hong, Wan-Shick; Lee, Jong-Ho; Yoon, Kyung Joong; Kim, Hyoungchul; Hong, Jongsup; Song, Hue-Sup; Son, Ji-Won
2014-08-11Transparent conducting oxides: A delta-doped superlattice approachCooper, Valentino R.; Seo, Sung S. Ambrose; Lee, Suyoun; Kim, Jun Sung; Choi, Woo Seok; Okamoto, Satoshi; Lee, Ho Nyung
2014-06Facile and Scalable Fabrication of Transparent and High Performance Pt/Reduced Graphene Oxide Hybrid Counter Electrode for Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsGong, Hee Hyun; Park, So Hyun; Lee, Sang-Soo; Hong, Sung Chul
2014-10Nanostructured superhydrophobic silk fabric fabricated using the ion beam methodOh, Ji-Hyun; Ko, Tae-Jun; Moon, Myoung-Woon; Park, Chung Hee