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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-12Development of a solvent-free hydrogen storage and release system based on semi-solid-state ammonia borane (AB) fuel: high gravimetric capacity and feasibility for practical applicationKim, Sung-Kwan; Hong, Sung-Ahn; Son, Ho-Jin; Han, Won-Sik; Yoon, Chang Won; Nam, Suk Woo; Kang, Sang Ook
2014-12Dual growth factor-loaded core-shell polymer microcapsules can promote osteogenesis and angiogenesisSubbiah, Ramesh; Du, Ping; Hwang, Mintai Peter; Kim, In Gul; Van, Se Young; Noh, Yong Kwan; Park, Hansoo; Park, Kwideok
2014-11-15Amperometric detection of catechol using tyrosinase modified electrodes enhanced by the layer-by-layer assembly of gold nanocubes and polyelectrolytesKarim, Md. Nurul; Lee, Ji Eun; Lee, Hye Jin
2014-11Super growth of vertically-aligned carbon nanofibers and their field emission propertiesKan, JungHo; Shin, Dong Hoon; Yun, Ki Nam; Masud, Felisita Annisanti; Lee, Cheol Jin; Kim, Myung Jong
2014-07-09Tailoring Polymersome Bilayer Permeability Improves Enhanced Permeability and Retention Effect for BioimagingLai, Mei-Hsiu; Lee, Sangmin; Smith, Cartney E.; Kim, Kwangmeyung; Kong, Hyunjoon
2014-07-11Top-down synthesized TiO2 nanowires as a solid matrix for surface-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight (SALDI-TOF) mass spectrometryKim, Jo-Il; Park, Jong-Min; Hwang, Seung-Ju; Kang, Min-Jung; Pyun, Jae-Chul
2014-12Surface Modified Mesostructured Iron Oxyhydroxide: Synthesis, Ecotoxicity, and ApplicationChoi, Jae-Woo; Mahendran, Basuvaraj; Chung, Seung-Gun; Kim, Song-Bae; Lee, Sang-Hyup
2014-08-10Solvothermal synthesis of ZnMn2O4 as an anode material in lithium ion batterySong, Min Seob; Cho, Yong Jae; Yoon, Dong Young; Nahm, Sahn; Oh, Si Hyung; Woo, Kyoungja; Ko, Jang Myoun; Cho, Won Il
2014-11-10The potential and advances in RNAi therapy: Chemical and structural modifications of siRNA molecules and use of biocompatible nanocarriersJoo, Min Kyung; Yhee, Ji Young; Kim, Sun Hwa; Kim, Kwangmeyung
2014-07Facile synthesis of intense green light emitting LiGdF4:Yb,Er-based upconversion bipyramidal nanocrystals and their polymer compositesNa, Hyejin; Jeong, Jong Seok; Chang, Hye Jung; Kim, Hyun You; Woo, Kyoungja; Lim, Kipil; Mkhoyan, K. Andre; Jang, Ho Seong