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2016-10-01The multilayer nanoparticles for deep penetration of docetaxel into tumor parenchyma to overcome tumor microenvironmentUl Khaliq, Nisar; Park, Dal Yong; Lee, Jae Young; Joo, Yeonhee; Oh, Keun Sang; Kim, Jung Seok; Kim, Jin-Seok; Kim, In-San; Kwon, Ick Chan; Yuk, Soon Hong
2016-10Magnesium ions facilitate integrin alpha 2-and alpha 3-mediated proliferation and enhance alkaline phosphatase expression and activity in hBMSCsLeem, Yea-Hyun; Lee, Kang-Sik; Kim, Jung-Hwa; Seok, Hyun-Kwang; Chang, Jae-Suk; Lee, Dong-Ho
2016-10The low temperature epitaxy of Ge on Si (100) substrate using two different precursors of GeH4 and Ge2H6Kil, Yeon-Ho; Yuk, Sim-Hoon; Kim, Joung Hee; Kim, Taek Sung; Kim, Yong Tae; Choi, Chel-Jong; Shim, Kyu-Hwan
2016-10Astrocytes and Microglia as Non-cell Autonomous Players in the Pathogenesis of ALSLee, Junghee; Hyeon, Seung Jae; Im, Hyeonjoo; Ryu, Hyun; Kim, Yunha; Ryu, Hoon
2016-10Size Dependence of Ferrimagnetic MgFe2O4 Nanoparticles on AC Magnetically-Induced Heating Characteristics in Powder and Fluidic StatesLee, Sanghoon; Jeun, Min hong
2016-10Accurate characterization of mask defects by combination of phase retrieval and deterministic approachLEPORTIER, THIBAULT LOUIS DAVID; Park, Min-Chul; Kim, Wooshik; Song, Jin Dong
2016-10눈물의 생체 분자 추출을 위한 미세유관이 탑재된 유연한 콘택트 렌즈김옥철; 박형달; 송용원; 김진석
2016-10Reply to letter: The association of postural sensory deficit with freezing of gait in Parkinson's diseaseHuh, Young Eun; Hwang, Seonhong; Kim, Keehoon; Chung, Won-Ho; Youn, Jinyoung; Cho, Jin Whan
2016-10의료용 고분자의 현황과 미래강인규; 이진호; 박기동; 김수현; 나재운; 한동근; 노인섭
2016-12Reduced graphene oxide wrapped core-shell metal nanowires as promising flexible transparent conductive electrodes with enhanced stabilityKim, Jihyeon; Lim, Ju Won; Mota, Filipe Marques; Lee, Ji-Eun; Boppella, Ramireddy; Lim, Keun Yong; Kim, Kyungkon; Choi, Won Kook; Kim, Dong Ha