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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-12Poly(L-lactic acid) scaffold with oriented micro-valley surface and superior properties fabricated by solid-state drawing for blood-contact biomaterialsIm, Seung Hyuk; Jung, Youngmee; Jang, Yangsoo; Kim, Soo Hyun
2016-10-15Side-chain engineering of ladder-structured polysilsesquioxane membranes for gas separationsPark, Sunghwan; Lee, Albert S.; Do, Yu Seong; Kim, Jeong F.; Hwang, Seung Sang; Lee, Young Moo; Lee, Jung-Hyun; Lee, Jong Suk
2016-10-15Synergistic enhancement of thermal conductivity in polymer composites filled with self-hybrid expanded graphite fillersKim, Hyun Su; Na, Jung Hyun; Jung, Yong Chae; Kim, Seong Yun
2016-10-15Effect of oxygen and nitrogen on microstructure and mechanical properties of vanadiumJo, Min-Gu; Madakashira, Phaniraj P.; Suh, Jin-Yu; Han, Heung Nam
2016-12-01Production of aromatic hydrocarbons via catalytic co-pyrolysis of torrefied cellulose and polypropyleneLee, Hyung Won; Kim, Young-Min; Jae, Jungho; Jeon, Jong-Ki; Jung, Sang-Chul; Kim, Sang Chai; Park, Young-Kwon
2016-12Technical Developments and Trends of Earthquake Resisting High-Strength Reinforcing Steel BarsHwang, Byoungchul; Shim, Jae-Hyeok; Lee, Myoung-Gyu; Lee, Joonho; Jung, Jun-Ho; Kim, Bo-Sung; Won, Sung-Bin
2016-11Wear Characteristics of Fluorocarbon Thin Films Deposited Using Inductively Coupled and Capacitively Coupled Plasma MethodsCho, Youn-Jeong; Jang, Yun Jung; Han, Seunghee; Lee, Yeonhee
2016-12On the sol-gel synthesis and characterization of (BaSr)(CeZr)O-3-based fuel cell electrolytesJaiswal, Shivendra Kumar; Choi, Sung Min; Hong, Jongsup; Yoon, Kyung Joong; Son, Ji-Won; Kim, Byung-Kook; Lee, Hae-Weon; Lee, Jong-Ho
2016-01Anion exchange membrane water electrolyzer with an ultra-low loading of Pt-decorated Ni electrocatalystAhn, Sang Hyun; Yoo, Sung Jong; Kim, Hyoung-Juhn; Henkensmeier, Dirk; Nam, Suk Woo; Kim, Soo-Kil; Jang, Jong Hyun
2016-01LiMn2O4-based cathode thin films for Li thin-film batteriesYim, Haena; Shin, Dong-Wook; Choi, Ji-Won