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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-11-10Using TiO2 Mesoflower Interlayer in Tubular Porous Titanium Membranes for Enhanced Electrocatalytic FiltrationLi, Xinyang; Liu, Guicheng; Shi, Mei; Li, Jiao; Li, Juan; Guo, Caiyang; Lee, Joong Kee; Zheng, Jianzhong
2016-10-15A study on anode diffusion layer for performance enhancement of a direct methanol fuel cellLiu, Guicheng; Li, Xinyang; Wang, Meng; Wang, Manxiang; Kim, Ji Young; Woo, Jae Young; Wang, Xindong; Lee, Joong Kee
2016-11-25A facile general route for ternary Fe2O3@TiO2@nanometal (Au, Ag) composite as a high-performance and recyclable photocatalystKim, Sung-Eun; Woo, Jae Young; Kang, Soo-Yeon; Min, Byoung Koun; Lee, Joong Kee; Lee, Sang-Wha
2016-02Phenyl-rich silicone oil as a precursor for SiOC anode materials for long-cycle and high-rate lithium ion batteriesHalim, Martin; Hudaya, Chairul; Kim, A-Young; Lee, Joong Kee
2016-02-14Oxidation-resistant hybrid metal oxides/metal nanodots/silver nanowires for high performance flexible transparent heatersKim, A-Young; Kim, Min Kyu; Hudaya, Chairul; Park, Ji Hun; Byun, Dongjin; Lim, Jong Choo; Lee, Joong Kee
2016-03-20Porous Zn2GeO4 nanowires with uniform carbon-buffer layer for lithium-ion battery anodes with long cycle lifeKim, Jung Sub; Kim, A-Young; Byeon, Young Woon; Ahn, Jae Pyoung; Byun, Dongjin; Lee, Joong Kee
2016-04Carbon-coated silicon nanoparticle-embedded carbon sphere assembly electrodes with enhanced performance for lithium-ion batteriesGueon, Donghee; Lee, Jaehyun; Lee, Joong Kee; Moon, Jun Hyuk
2016-05-31Facile formation of a Li3PO4 coating layer during the synthesis of a lithium-rich layered oxide for high-capacity lithium-ion batteriesLee, Yongho; Lee, Jieun; Lee, Kwan Young; Mun, Junyoung; Lee, Joong Kee; Choi, Wonchang
2016-08-10Nitrogen-doped Carbon Coated Porous Silicon as High Performance Anode Material for Lithium-Ion BatteriesJeong, Min-Gi; Islam, Mobinul; Du, Hoang Long; Lee, Yoon-Sung; Sun, Ho-Hyun; Choi, Wonchang; Lee, Joong Kee; Chung, Kyung Yoon; Jung, Hun-Gi
2016-08-15Effect of fabrication and operating parameters on electrochemical property, of anode and cathode for direct methanol fuel cellsLiu, Guicheng; Zhou, Hongwei; Ding, Xianan; Li, Xinping; Zou, Dechun; Li, Xinyang; Wang, Xindong; Lee, Joong Kee