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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-02Anion conducting methylated aliphatic PBI and its calculated propertiesCho, Hyeongrae; Henkensmeier, Dirk; Brela, Mateusz; Michalak, Artur; Jang, Jong Hyun; Lee, Kwan-Young
2017-03Effect of the spirobiindane group in sulfonated poly(arylene ether sulfone) copolymer as electrode binder for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellsChae, Ji Eon; Kim, Bo Hyun; Noh, Jee Hyun; Jung, Jaewoo; Kim, Jin-Young; Jang, Jong Hyun; Yoo, Sung Jong; Kim, Hyoung-Juhn; Lee, So Young
2017-01Effect of Catalyst Layer Ionomer Content on Performance of Intermediate Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (IT-PEMFCs) under Reduced Humidity ConditionsCho, Min Kyung; Park, Hee-Young; Lee, So Young; Lee, Byung-Seok; Kim, Hyoung-Juhn; Henkensmeier, Dirk; Yoo, Sung Jong; Kim, Jin Young; Han, Jonghee; Park, Hyun S.; Sung, Yung-Eun; Jang, Jong Hyun
2017-01Urchin-Shaped Hollow Iron-Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Microspheres as High-Performance Electrocatalysts for Oxygen ReductionPark, Min Jung; Kwon, S. Joon; Park, Hyun S.; Yoo, Sung Jong; Jang, Jong Hyun; Kim, Hyoung-Juhn; Nam, Suk Woo; Kim, Jin Young
2017-04Factors in electrode fabrication for performance enhancement of anion exchange membrane water electrolysisCho, Min Kyung; Park, Hee-Young; Choe, Seunghoe; Yoo, Sung Jong; Kim, Jin Young; Kim, Hyoung-Juhn; Henkensmeier, Dirk; Lee, So Young; Sung, Yung-Eun; Park, Hyun S.; Jang, Jong Hyun
2017-01Influence of Different Side-groups and Cross-links on Phosphoric Acid Doped Radel-based Polysulfone Membranes for High Temperature Polymer Electrolyte Fuel CellsSingh, Bhupendra; Ngoc My Hanh Duong; Henkensmeier, Dirk; Jang, Jong Hyun; Kim, Hyoung Juhn; Han, Jonghee; Nam, Suk Woo
2017-01Thermal crosslinking of PBI/sulfonated polysulfone based blend membranesJoseph, Dickson; Krishnan, N. Nambi; Henkensmeier, Dirk; Jang, Jong Hyun; Choi, Sun Hee; Kim, Hyoung-Juhn; Han, Jonghee; Nam, Suk Woo
2017-03Facile Synthesis of M-MOF-74 (M=Co, Ni, Zn) and its Application as an ElectroCatalyst for Electrochemical CO2 Conversion and H-2 ProductionChoi, Insoo; Jung, Yoo Eil; Yoo, Sung Jong; Kim, Jin Young; Kim, Hyoung-Juhn; Lee, Chang Yeon; Jang, Jong Hyun
2017-03Effects of Diffusion Layer (DL) and ORR Catalyst (M-ORR) on the Performance of M-ORR/IrO2/DL Electrodes for PEM-Type Unitized Regenerative Fuel CellsChoe, Seunghoe; Lee, Byung-Seok; Jang, Jong Hyun
2017-02Vanadium nitride nanofiber membrane as a highly stable support for Pt-catalyzed oxygen reduction reactionKim, Na Young; Lee, Jin Hee; Kwon, Jeong An; Yoo, Sung Jong; Jang, Jong Hyun; Kim, Hyoung-Juhn; Lim, Dong-Hee; Kim, Jin Young