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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-03-31Dependence of photoluminescence of Bi-doped Y2O3 phosphor thin films on oxygen content in the sputtering atmosphereLee, Hee Bum; Kim, Seong-Il; Lee, Jong-Heun; Kim, Young-Hwan
2018-03Improved microstructure and sintering temperature of bismuth nano-doped GDC powders synthesized by direct sol-gel combustionAccardo, G.; Frattini, D.; Ham, H. C.; Han, J. H.; Yoon, S. P.
2018-02Single-Droplet Multiplex Bioassay on a Robust and Stretchable Extreme Wetting Substrate through Vacuum-Based Droplet ManipulationHan, Heetak; Lee, Jung Seung; Kim, Hyunchul; Shin, Sera; Lee, Jaehong; Kim, Jongchan; Hou, Xu; Cho, Seung-Woo; Seo, Jungmok; Lee, Taeyoon
2018-01Chemically Designed Metallic/Insulating Hybrid Nanostructures with Silver Nanocrystals for Highly Sensitive Wearable Pressure SensorsKim, Haneun; Lee, Seung-Wook; Joh, Hyungmok; Seong, Mingi; Lee, Woo Seok; Kang, Min Su; Pyo, Jun Beom; Oh, Soong Ju
2018-10-14Coaxial struts and microfractured structures of compressible thermoelectric foams for self-powered pressure sensorsOh, Jinwoo; Kim, Jong-Ho; Park, Kyung Tae; Jo, Kiyoung; Lee, Jong-Chan; Kim, Heesuk; Son, Jeong Gon
2018-11-28Graphene-Incorporated Soft Capacitors for Mechanically Adjustable Electro-Optic ModulatorsLee, Sungjae; Kim, Jin Tae; Song, Yong-Won
2018-05-30Proton Transfer Hydrogels: Versatility and ApplicationsHwang, JiHyeon; Lee, Dong G.; Yeo, Hyunki; Rao, Jingyi; Zhu, Zhiyuan; Shin, Jawon; Jeong, Keunsoo; Kim, Sehoon; Jung, Hyun Wook; Khan, Anzar
2018-04Standalone macroporous graphitic nanowebs for vanadium redox flow batteriesLee, Min Eui; Lee, Sungho; Jin, Hyoung-Joon; Yun, Young Soo
2018-04-25Skin-Attachable, Stretchable Electrochemical Sweat Sensor for Glucose and pH DetectionOh, Seung Yun; Hong, Soo Yeong; Jeong, Yu Ra; Yun, Junyeong; Park, Heun; Jin, Sang Woo; Lee, Geumbee; Oh, Ju Hyun; Lee, Hanchan; Lee, Sang-Soo; Ha, Jeong Sook
2018-04-25ZnO Nanorod Array Modified PVDF Membrane with Superhydrophobic Surface for Vacuum Membrane Distillation ApplicationWang, Manxiang; Liu, Guicheng; Yu, Hyunjin; Lee, Sang-Hyup; Wang, Lei; Zheng, Jianzhong; Wang, Tao; Yun, Yanbin; Lee, Joong Kee