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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-03-15Effect of pulse electrodeposition parameters on electrocatalytic the activity of methanol oxidation and morphology of Pt/C catalyst for direct methanol fuel cellsYe, Feng; Xu, Chao; Liu, Guicheng; Yuan, Mengdi; Wang, Zhiming; Du, Xiaoze; Lee, Joong Kee
2018-01A novel PtRuIr nanoclusters synthesized by selectively electrodepositing Ir on PtRu as highly active bifunctional electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution and reductionYe, Feng; Xu, Chao; Liu, Guicheng; Li, Jianling; Wang, Xindong; Du, Xiaoze; Lee, Joong Kee
2018-01Preparation of Orange Peel Based Activated Carbons Using Chemical Activation and Surface Modification Method as Electrode's Materials for Lithium Ion CapacitorArie, Arenst Andreas; Kristianto, Hans; Martin, Halim; Lee, Joong Kee
2018-12-15Employment of ultra-thin carbon layer-coated porous tin oxide as anode in lithium-ion capacitorTran, Minh Xuan; Kim, A-Young; Lee, Joong Kee
2018-06Self-Relaxant Superelastic Matrix Derived from C-60 Incorporated Sn Nanoparticles for Ultra-High-Performance Li-Ion BatteriesArdhi, Ryanda Enggar Anugrah; Liu, Guicheng; Minh Xuan Tran; Hudaya, Chairul; Kim, Ji Young; Yu, Hyunjin; Lee, Joong Kee
2018-06Robust anti-icing performance of silicon wafer with hollow micro-/nano-structured ZnOWang, Lei; Teng, Chao; Liu, Jing; Wang, Manxiang; Liu, Guicheng; Kim, Ji Young; Mei, Qiwen; Lee, Joong Kee; Wang, Jingxia
2018-07Hierarchically structured photoanode with enhanced charge collection and light harvesting abilities for fiber-shaped dye-sensitized solar cellsLiu, Guicheng; Wang, Manxiang; Wang, Hui; Ardhi, Ryanda Enggar Anugrah; Yu, Hyunjin; Zou, Dechun; Lee, Joong Kee
2018-04-25ZnO Nanorod Array Modified PVDF Membrane with Superhydrophobic Surface for Vacuum Membrane Distillation ApplicationWang, Manxiang; Liu, Guicheng; Yu, Hyunjin; Lee, Sang-Hyup; Wang, Lei; Zheng, Jianzhong; Wang, Tao; Yun, Yanbin; Lee, Joong Kee
2018-03-20Study on a stretchable, fiber-shaped, and TiO2 nanowire array-based dye-sensitized solar cell with electrochemical impedance spectroscopy methodLiu, Guicheng; Wang, Hui; Wang, Manxiang; Liu, Wenbing; Ardhi, Ryanda Enggar Anugrah; Zou, Dechun; Lee, Joong Kee
2018-03-14Li4SiO4-Based Artificial Passivation Thin Film for Improving Interfacial Stability of Li Metal AnodesKim, Ji Young; Kim, A-Young; Liu, Guicheng; Woo, Jae-Young; Kim, Hansung; Lee, Joong Kee