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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-04HRTEM study and mechanical properties of ZrB2-SiC composite: An insight into in-situ carbon formation over the SPS processYu, Hao; Namini, Abbas Sabahi; Shakeri, Mohammad Sadegh; Delbari, Seyed Ali; Van Le, Quyet; Cha, Joo Hwan; Kim, Soo Young; Jang, Ho Won; Lee, Sea-Hoon; Swiatkowska-Warkocka, Zaneta; Shokouhimehr, Mohammadreza
2022-04Synergistic Energy Absorption Mechanisms of Architected Liquid Crystal ElastomersJeon, Seung-Yeol; Shen, Beijun; Traugutt, Nicholas A.; Zhu, Zeyu; Fang, Lichen; Yakacki, Christopher M.; Nguyen, Thao D.; Kang, Sung Hoon
2022-03Contagious Aggregation: Transmittable Protein Aggregation in Cellular Communities Initiated by Synthetic CellsLee, Hong-Guen; Kim, Jin Hae; Gorai, Tumpa; Ko, Young Ho; Kwon, Haw-Young; Chung, Wooseong; Hwang, Ilha; Lim, Sungsu; Kim, Yun Kyung; Shin, Kwanwoo; Chang, Young-Tae; Kim, Kimoon; Park, Kyeng Min
2022-01Manganese effect on the microstructural transformation and mechanical properties of oxide dispersion strengthened steels fabricated with pre-alloyed powdersAshong, Andrews Nsiah; Na, Min Young; Chang, Hye Jung; Park, Taesung; Jun, Go Ui; Noh, Sanghoon; Kim, Jeoung Han
2022-08Thermally Responsive Imidazole-Based Diels-Alder Microbeads as a Latent Curing Agent for Epoxy ResinsSungmin Jung; KIM, YOON SANG; Jang, Han Gyeol; Park, Jong Hyuk; Park, Min; Choi, Yong Seok; Kim, Jae woo
2022-01Mn-Dopant Differentiating the Ru and Ir Oxidation States in Catalytic Oxides Toward Durable Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Acidic ElectrolyteJoo, Jinwhan; Park, YeJi; Kim, Jun; Kwon, Taehyun; Jun, Minki; Ahn, Docheon; Baik, Hionsuck; Jang, Jong Hyun; Kim, Jin Young; Lee, Kwangyeol
2022-01Effects of SiC particle size on flexural strength, permeability, electrical resistivity, and thermal conductivity of macroporous SiCYun, Sung Il; Nahm, Sahn; Park, Sang Whan
2022-03Nanomechanical and microstructural characterization on the synergetic strengthening in selectively laser melted austenitic stainless steelLee, Dong-Hyun; Gao, Zhe; Park, Jeong-Min; Zhao, Yakai; Suh, Jin-Yoo; Jagle, Eric A.; Tsuchiya, Koichi; Ramamurty, Upadrasta; Jang, Jae-il
2022-03Unravelling the synergistic effect on ionic transport and sintering temperature of nanocrystalline CeO2 tri-doped with Li Bi and Gd as dense electrolyte for solid oxide fuel cellsAccardo, Grazia; Audasso, Emilio; Yoon, Sung Pil
2022-12SELENBP1 overexpression in the prefrontal cortex underlies negative symptoms of schizophreniaKim, Soojin; Kim, Seong-Wook; Bui, Mai Anh Thi; Kim, Yeji; Kim, Minsoo; Park, Jung-Cheol; Kim, Nam-Heon; Pyeon, Gyeong Hee; Jo, Yong Sang; Jang, Jaewon; Koh, Hae-Young; Jeong, Chae-Hong; Kang, Moonkyung; Kang, Hyo Jung; Lee, Yong-Woo; Stockmeier, Craig A.; Seong, Je Kyung; Woo, Dong Ho; Han, Jung-Soo; Kim, Yeon-Soo