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2022-03Blood clot-inspired viscoelastic fibrin gel: New aqueous binder for silicon anodes in lithium ion batteriesKim, Woong-Ju; Kang, Jin Gu; Kim, Dong-Wan
2022-03Antibacterial nanofibers of pullulan/tetracycline-cyclodextrin inclusion complexes for Fast-Disintegrating oral drug deliveryHsiung, Emmy; Celebioglu, Asli; Chowdhury, Rimi; Kilic, Mehmet E.; Durgun, Engin; Altier, Craig; Uyar, Tamer
2022-02Development of a Robot Arm Link System Embedded with a Three-Axis Sensor with a Simple Structure Capable of Excellent External Collision DetectionYun, Alchan; Lee, Woosub; Kim, Soonkyum; Kim, Jong-Ho; Yoon, Hyungseok
2022-04Development of black-ice removal system with latent heat thermal energy storage and solar thermal collectorsKim, S.; Oh, H.J.; Han, S.J.; Ko, H.S.; SHIN, YOU HWAN; Shin, D.H.
2022-02Bi2O3/BiO2 Nanoheterojunction for Highly Efficient Electrocatalytic CO2 Reduction to FormateFeng, Xuezhen; Zou, Haiyuan; Zheng, Renji; Wei, Wenfei; Wang, Ranhao; Zou, Wensong; Lim, Gukhyun; Hong, Jihyun; Duan, Lele; Chen, Hong
2022-02Pyrrolic N wrapping strategy to maximize the number of single-atomic Fe-Nx sites for oxygen reduction reactionKang Gil Seong; Jang, Jue Hyuk; Son, S.-Y.; Lee, Youn ki; Lee, D.C.; Yoo, Sung Jong; Lee, Sung Ho; Joh, H.-I.
2022-03Ferroelectrically augmented contact electrification enables efficient acoustic energy transfer through liquid and solid mediaKim, Hyun Soo; Hur, Sunghoon; Lee, Dong-Gyu; Shin, Joonchul; Qiao, Huimin; Mun, Seunguk; Lee, Hoontaek; Moon, Wonkyu; Kim, Yunseok; Baik, Jeong Min; Kang, Chong-Yun; Jung, Jong Hoon; Song, Hyun-Cheol
2022-10Development of a miniaturized, reconnectable, and implantable multichannel connectorChoi, Gwang Jin; Yoo, Hyun Ji; Cho, YoonKyung; Shim, Shinyong; Yun, Seunghyeon; Sung, Jaehoon; Lim, Yoonseob; Jun, Sang Beom; Kim, Sung June
2022-09Steering Catalytic Selectivity with Atomically Dispersed Metal Electrocatalysts for Renewable Energy Conversion and Commodity Chemical ProductionKim, Jae Hyung; Sa, Young Jin; Lim, Taejung; Woo, Jinwoo; Joo, Sang Hoon
2022-07Ondansetron/Cyclodextrin inclusion complex nanofibrous webs for potential orally fast-disintegrating antiemetic drug deliveryHsiung, Emmy; Celebioglu, Asli; Kilic, Mehmet Emin; Durgun, Engin; Uyar, Tamer