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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-03Understanding the Grain Boundary Behavior of Bimetallic Platinum-Cobalt Alloy Nanowires toward Oxygen Electro-ReductionKabiraz, Mrinal Kanti; Ruqia, Bibi; Kim, Jeonghyeon; Kim, Haesol; Kim, Hee Jin; Hong, Youngmin; Kim, Mi Ji; Kim, Young Kyoung; Kim, Chan; Lee, Won-Jae; Lee, Wonkyun; Hwang, Gyo Hyun; Ri, Hyeong Cheol; Baik, Hionsuck; Oh, Hyung-Suk; Lee, Young Wook; Gao, Lei; Huang, Hongwen; Paek, Seung Min; Jo, Youn-Jung; Choi, Chang Hyuck; Han, Sang Woo; Choi, Sang-Il
2022-02Thermo-selenized stainless steel as an efficient oxygen evolution electrode for water splitting and CO2 electrolysis in real water matricesHan, Man Ho; Ko, Young-Jin; Lee, Seung Yeon; Lim, Chulwan; Lee, Woong Hee; Pin, Min Wook; Koh, Jai Hyun; Kim, Jihyun; Kim, Woong; Min, Byoung Koun; Oh, Hyung-Suk
2022-02Electrode reconstruction strategy for oxygen evolution reaction: maintaining Fe-CoOOH phase with intermediate-spin state during electrolysisLee, Woong Hee; Han, Man Ho; Ko, Young-Jin; Min, Byoung Koun; Chae, Keun Hwa; Oh, Hyung-Suk
2022-04Peroxide activation by microbially synthesized sulfidated iron: Comparison against abiotic iron-based materials in terms of treatment efficiency and oxidative degradation pathwayYang, Bowen; Suh, Sae-In; Lee, Jeonggil; Ryoo, Hwa-Soo; Ham, So-Young; Kim, Jaesung; Ko, Young-Jin; Woo, Heesoo; Choi, Jaemin; Oh, Hyung-Suk; Lee, Sang-Hoon; Park, Hee-Deung; Kwon, Man Jae; Lee, Hongshin; Lee, Jaesang
2022-11Review of carbon dioxide utilization technologies and their potential for industrial applicationKim, Chang Soo; Yoo, Chun-Jae; Oh, Hyung-Suk; Min, Byoung Koun; Lee, Ung
2022-03Unraveling CoNiP-CoP2 3D-on-1D Hybrid Nanoarchitecture for Long-Lasting Electrochemical Hybrid Cells and Oxygen Evolution ReactionSekhar, S. Chandra; Ramulu, Bhimanaboina; Han, Man Ho; Arbaz, Shaik Junied; Nagaraju, Manchi; Oh, Hyung-Suk; Yu, Jae Su
2022-02Design of less than 1 nm Scale Spaces on SnO2 Nanoparticles for High-Performance Electrochemical CO2 ReductionKim, Mun Kyoung; Lee, Hojeong; Won, Jong Ho; Sim, Woohyeong; Kang, Shin Joon; Choi, Hansaem; Sharma, Monika; Oh, Hyung-Suk; Ringe, Stefan; Kwon, Youngkook; Jeong, Hyung Mo
2022-12Toward economical application of carbon capture and utilization technology with near-zero carbon emissionLangie, Kezia Megagita Gerby; Tak, Kyungjae; Kim, Changsoo; Lee, Hee Won; Park, Kwangho; Kim, Dongjin; Jung, Wonsang; Lee, Chan Woo; Oh, Hyung-Suk; Lee, Dong Ki; Koh, Jai Hyun; Min, Byoung Koun; Won, Da Hye; Lee, Ung
2022-11Catalyst-Support Surface Charge Effects on Structure and Activity of IrNi-Based Oxygen Evolution Reaction Catalysts Deposited on Tin-Oxide SupportsHoang Phi Tran; Hong Nhan Nong; Oh, Hyung-Suk; Klingenhof, Malte; Kroschel, Matthias; Paul, Benjamin; Huebner, Jessica; Teschner, Detre; Strasser, Peter
2022-12Synthesis and polymorphism of a new phase 1D chalcogenide M2N3X8 structure based on the periodic table: Ta2Ni3S8 with a tetragonal structureJeon, Jiho; Woo, Chaeheon; Choi, Kyung Hwan; Jeong, Byung Joo; Kang, Jinsu; Zhang, Xiaojie; Dong, Xue; Kim, Tae Yeong; Ahn, Jungyoon; Oh, Hyung-Suk; Yu, Hak Ki; Choi, Jae -Young