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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-04Patterning All-Inorganic Halide Perovskite with Adjustable Phase for High-Resolution Color Filter and Photodetector ArraysKim, Woosik; Kim, Su-Kyung; Jeon, Sanghyun; Ahn, Junhyuk; Jung, Byung Ku; Lee, Sang Yeop; Shin, Chanho; Seong, Tae-Yeon; Jeong, Sohee; Jang, Ho Seong; Ng, TSe Nga; Oh, Soong Ju
2022-03Multiscale simulation approach to investigate the binder distribution in catalyst layers of high-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cellsKwon, Sung Hyun; Lee, So Young; Kim, Hyoung Juhn; Yim, Sung-Dae; Sohn, Young-Jun; Lee, Seung Geol
2022-03Controlling the compactness and sp2 clusters to reduce interfacial damage of amorphous carbon/316L bipolar plates in PEMFCsLi, Hao; Xin, Yang; Komatsu, Keiji; Guo, Peng; Ma, Guanshui; Ke, Peiling; Lee, Kwang-Ryeol; Saito, Hidetoshi; Wang, Aiying
2022-02Understanding the Effects of Interfacial Lithium Ion Concentration on Lithium Metal AnodePark, Jimin; Ha, Son; Jung, Jae Young; Hyun, Jae-Hwan; Yu, Seung-Ho; Lim, Hyung-Kyu; Kim, Nam Dong; Yun, Young Soo
2022-01Investigation on SiO2 derived from sugarcane bagasse ash and pumice stone as a catalyst support for silver metal in the 4-nitrophenol reduction reactionNurwahid, I.H.; Dimonti, L.C.C.; Dwiatmoko, A.A.; Ha, Jeong-Myeong; Yunarti, R.T.
2022-01Thin film encapsulation for quantum dot light-emitting diodes using a-SiNx:H/SiOxNy/hybrid SiOx barriersLim, Keun Yong; Kim, Hong Hee; Noh, Ji Hyun; Tak, So Hyun; Yu, Jae-Woong; Choi, Won Kook
2022-03In operando visualization of redox flow battery in membrane-free microfluidic platformPark, Hyungjoo; Kwon, Giyun; Lee, Hyomin; Lee, Kyunam; Park, Soo Young; Kwon, Ji Eon; Kang, Kisuk; Kim, Sung Jae
2022-01Strong enhancement of room-temperature thermoelectric properties of Cu-doped Bi2Te2.7Se0.3Kim, Gwansik; Lee, Kyungmi; Shin, Hyunjun; Kim, Jeongmin; Chang, Joonyeon; Roh, Jong Wook; Lee, Wooyoung
2022-01Lithium Argyrodite Sulfide Electrolytes with High Ionic Conductivity and Air Stability for All-Solid-State Li-Ion BatteriesLee, Yongheum; Jeong, Jiwon; Lee, Ho Jun; Kim, Mingony; Han, Daseul; Kim, Hyoungchul; Yuk, Jong Min; Nam, Kyung-Wan; Chung, Kyung Yoon; Jung, Hun-Gi; Yu, Seungho
2022-01New insight into the role of Mo-Sb addition towards VMoSbTi catalysts with enhanced activity for selective catalytic reduction with NH3Kwon, Dong Wook; Choi Jeong Eun; Nam Ki-Bok; Ha, Heon Phil