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2022-02Spray pyrolysis-assisted synthesis of hollow cobalt nitrogen-doped carbon catalyst for the performance enhancement of membraneless fuel cellsJi, Jungyeon; Kyungmin Yim; An, Heeyeon; Yoo, Sung Jong; Chung, Yongjin; Kim, Jinsoo; Kwon, Yongchai
2022-02Pyrrolic N wrapping strategy to maximize the number of single-atomic Fe-Nx sites for oxygen reduction reactionKang Gil Seong; Jang, Jue Hyuk; Son, S.-Y.; Lee, Youn ki; Lee, D.C.; Yoo, Sung Jong; Lee, Sung Ho; Joh, H.-I.
2022-01Effect of Support for Non-Noble NiMo Electrocatalyst in Alkaline Hydrogen OxidationPark, Jinkyu; Jang, Jue-Hyuk; Lee, Ahryeon; Kim, Seongbeen; Lee, Seunghyun; Yoo, Sung Jong; Lee, Jinwoo
2022-04Sandwich-like Nafion composite membrane with ultrathin ceria barriers for durable fuel cellsKang, Yun Sik; Jang, Segeun; Choi, Eunho; Jo, Sunhee; Kim, Sang Moon; Yoo, Sung Jong
2022-03Impact of the dopant-induced ensemble structure of hetero-double atom catalysts in electrochemical NH3 productionKim, Seung-hoon; Song, Ho Chang; Yoo, Sung Jong; Han, Jong hee; Lee, Kwan-Young; Ham, Hyung Chul
2022-11Directing the Surface Atomic Geometry on Copper Sulfide for Enhanced Electrochemical Nitrogen ReductionJin Haneul; Hee Soo Kim; Lee, Chi Ho; Hong, Yongju; CHOI, JIHYUN; Baik, Hionsuck; Lee, Sang Uck; Yoo, Sung Jong; Lee, Kwangyeol; Park, Hyun S.
2022-11Oxygen Plasma-Mediated Microstructured Hydrocarbon Membrane for Improving Interface Adhesion and Mass Transport in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel CellsChoi, Jiwoo; Kim, Dongsu; Chae, Ji Eon; Lee, Sanghyeok; Kim, Sang Moon; Yoo, Sung Jong; Kim, Hyoung-Juhn; Choi, Mansoo; Jang, Segeun
2022-09Surface Electrochemistry of Carbon Electrodes and Faradaic Reactions in Capacitive DeionizationKang, Jin Soo; Kim, Seoni; Kang, Jiho; Joo, Hwajoo; Jang, Junghwan; Jo, Kyusik; Park, Subin; Kim, Hyoung-il; Yoo, Sung Jong; Yoon, Jeyong; Sung, Yung-Eun; Hatton, T. Alan
2022-08Atomically dispersed Ru(III) on N-doped mesoporous carbon hollow spheres as catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation to formateAhn, Sunghee; Park, Kwangho; Lee, Kyung Rok; Haider, Arsalan; Van Nguyen, Canh; Jin, Haneul; Yoo, Sung Jong; Yoon, Sungho; Jung, Kwang-Deog
2022-08Tofu-derived heteroatom-doped carbon for oxygen reduction reaction in an anion exchange membrane-fuel cellIm, Kyungmin; Choi, Kyu Hwan; Park, Bum Jun; Yoo, Sung Jong; Kim, Jinsoo