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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-12In-Depth Analysis on Self Alignment Effect of the Fermi-Level Using Graphene on Both n- and p-Type SemiconductorsSong, Sungjoo; Kim, Seung-Hwan; Han, Kyu-Hyun; Kim, Hyung-jun; Yu, Hyun-Yong
2023-11Microwave induced rapid surface amorphization of metal oxide nanowire into sulfides shell for electronically modulated efficient hydrogen evolution catalystMajumdar, Abhisek; Karim, Golam Masud; Dutta, Pronoy; Lee, Heehyeon; Deb, Sujit Kumar; Sikdar, Anirban; Oh, Youngtak; Maiti, Uday Narayan
2023-11Microstructure of <111>-Textured Cubic Boron Nitride Film Deposited under Oxygen-Containing AtmosphereChoi, Young-Hwan; Huh, Joo-Youl; Park, Jong-Keuk; Lee, Wook-Seong; Baik, Young-Joon
2023-06Identification of (-)-Epigallocateshin gallate derivatives promoting innate immune activation via 2 &apos;,3 &apos;-cyclic GMP-AMP-stimulator of interferon genes pathwayLee, Hyelim; Jeong, Jeong Hyun; Lee, Taegum; Chong, Youhoon; Choo, Hyunah; Lee, Sanghee
2023-05A novel protocol for batch-separating gintonin-enriched, polysaccharide-enriched, and crude ginsenoside-containing fractions from Panax ginsengLee, Rami; Cho, Han -Sung; Kim, Ji -Hun; Cho, Hee -Jung; Choi, Sun-Hye; Hwang, Sung -Hee; Rhim, Hyewon; Cho, Ik-Hyun; Rhee, Man -Hee; Kim, Do-Geun; Kim, Hyoung-Chun; Nah, Seung-Yeol
2023-03Construction of Hierarchical Surface on Carbon Fiber Paper for Lithium Metal Batteries with Superior StabilityLee, Youn-Ki; Cho, Ki-Yeop; Lee, Sora; Choi, Jiho; Lee, Gwanwon; Joh, Han-Ik; Eom, KwangSup; Lee, Sungho
2023-03Ray-tracing analysis on the far-red induced light-capturing ability of kaleKang, Jun Hyeun; Yoon, Hyo In; Kim, Jaewoo; Ahn, Tae In; Son, Jung Eek
2023-03Modeling of three-dimensional innervated epidermal like-layer in a microfluidic chip-based coculture systemAhn, Jinchul; Ohk, Kyungeun; Won, Jihee; Choi, Dong-Hee; Jung, Yong Hun; Yang, Ji Hun; Jun, Yesl; Kim, Jin-A; Chung, Seok; Lee, Sang-Hoon
2023-04Chemical vapor etching of silicon wafer for the synthesis of highly dense and aligned sub-5 nm silicon nanowire arraysGao, Sen; Seo, Juyeon; Hong, Sanghyun; Li, Jianlin; Feng, Peiyun; Byun, Ji Young; Jung, Yung Joon
2023-04High Field-Effect Mobility and On/Off Current Ratio of p-Type ALD SnO Thin-Film TransistorChae, Myeong Gil; Kim, Jina; Jang, Hee Won; Park, Bo Keun; Chung, Taek-Mo; Kim, Seong Keun; Han, Jeong Hwan