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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Analytic solution of the nonlinear equationLee, Hyuk-jae; Lee, Seok; Woo, Deok Ha; Lee, Taik Jin; Kim, Jae Hun
2012Verification of A Fast Training Algorithm for Multi-Channel sEMG Classification Systems to Decode Hand ConfigurationLee, HanJin; Kim, Keehoon; Park, Myoung Soo; Park, Jong Hyeon; Oh, Sang Rok
2012External Force Estimation Using Joint Torque Sensors for a Robot ManipulatorLe Dinh Phong; Choi, Junho; Kang, Sungchul
2012TGA-GC/MS - an adjuvant tool for analysis of polymer membranes designed for fuel cell useGermer, W.; Leppin, J.; Kirchner, C. Nunes; Henkensmeier, D.; Dyck, A.
2012Lightweight Aggregate made of Desulfurized Fly Ash and Bottom Ash after Magnetic SeparationKim, Yootaek; Kang, Seunggu; Kim, Chang-sam
2012Uniform Polynomial Equations Providing Higher-order Multi-dimensional Models in Lattice Boltzmann TheoryShim, Jae Wan
2012Object Manipulation in 3D Space by Two Cone-shaped Finger Robots based on Finger-Thumb Opposability without Object SensingKim, Sung-Kyun; Oh, Yonghwan; Oh, Sang-Rok
2012Zero-Moment Point Based Balance Control of Leg-Wheel Hybrid Structures with Inequality Constraints of Dynamic BehaviorAn, Sang-ik; Oh, Yonghwan; Kwon, Dong-Soo
2012Zero-Moment Point Based Balance Control of Leg-Wheel Hybrid Structures with Inequality Constraints of Kinodynamic BehaviorAn, Sang-Ik; Oh, Yonghwan; Kwon, Dong-Soo
2011-08Development of a Laparoscopic Surgical Training System with Simulation Open Framework Architecture (SOFA)Kim, Youngjun; Kim, Kyunghwan; Roy, Frederick; Park, Sehyung
2012Development of a Wearable and Dry sEMG Electrode System for Decoding of Human Hand ConfigurationsLee, HanJin; Kim, Keehoon; Oh, Sang Rok
2012Properties of artificial lightweight aggregates(ALAs) made of dredged soil mixed with waste catalyst slagJo, Sinae; Kim, Yootack; Kang, Seunggu; Kim, Changsam
2012Development of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell System for Portable RefrigeratorHan, H. S.; Kim, Y. H.; Kim, S. Y.; Karng, S. W.; Hyun, J. M.
2012Reduced Number of Discrete Velocities for a Flow Description by Lattice Boltzmann TheoryShim, Jae Wan
2012Depth Resolution in 3-D imageSon, Jung-Young; Park, Min-Chul; Lee, Chun-Hea; Chernyshov, Oleksii O.; Son, Wook-Ho
2012Design of the Link Structure of an Inspection Robot to Pass an Obstacle on a Four conductor Transmission LineLee, Jun Young; Kim, Moon Young; Kim, Chang Hwan; Yim, Hong Jae
2012A Grasp Strategy with the Geometric Centroid of a Groped Object Shape Derived from Contact SpotsBae, Ji-Hun; Park, Sung-Woo; Kim, Doik; Baeg, Moon-Hong; Oh, Sang-Rok
2012EEG Measurement of 3D Cognitive Fatigue Caused by Viewing Mobile 3D ContentMun, Sungchul; Park, Min-Chul; Cho, Sungjin; Yano, Sumio
2012Implementation of Network Framework for Development and Integration of Network-Based Humanoid Robot SystemKim, Joo-Hyung; Lee, Ho-Dong; Park, Gwi-Tae; Park, Jung-Min