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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06Motion based Adaptive Step Length Estimation using SmartphoneLee, Jung Ho; Shin, Beomju; Lee, Seok; Park, Jinwoo; Kim, Chulki; Lee, Taikjin; Kim, Jae Hun
2014-06Object Recognition for Vision-based Navigation in Indoor Environments without using Image DatabaseLee, Hyunho; Kim, Jaehun; Kim, Chulki; Lee, Taikjin; Lee, Seok; Hur, Soojung; Seo, Minah
2014Distance based Energy Efficient Clustering Method in Wireless Sensor NetworksKim, Hyunduk; Kim, Chulki; Kim, Jae Hun; Seo, Minah; Lee, Seok; Lee, Taikjin
2014-05Implementation and Performance Analysis of Smartphone-based 3D PDR System with Hybrid Motion and Heading ClassifierShin, Beomju; Lee, Seok; Kim, Chulki; Rhee, Heonsoo; Lee, Taikjin; Kee, Changdon; Heo, Sujeong; Kim, Jaehun
2014-04Plasmonic Properties of Metal Nanodot Arrays with Same Diameter utilizing Nanoporous Alumina MaskJung, Mi; Kim, Chulki; Woo, Deokha; Kim, Jae Hun; Lee, Seok; Lee, Taikjin
2014-07Supercontinuum Generation in DNA-filled Hollow FiberCho, Youngho; Park, Byeongho; Cho, Joon Hyong; Oh, Juyeong; Seo, Min Ah; Lee, Kwanil; Kim, Chulki; Lee, Taikjin; Woo, Deok Ha; Lee, Seok; Kim, Hyung Min; Kim, Jae Hun
2014-07Four-wave mixing in Copper ion modified-DNA nanostructure in solutionPark, Byeongho; Reddy, Dugasani Sreekantha; Seo, Min Ah; Lee, Taikjin; Kim, Chulki; Lee, Seok; Park, Sung Ha; Rotermund, Fabian; Kim, Jae Hun; Jun, Seong Chan
2014-09A Step Length Estimation based on Motion Recognition and Adaptive Gait Cognition using as SmartphoneLee, Jung Ho; Shin, Beomju; Lee, Seok; Lee, Taikjin; Kim, Jaehun; Kim, Chulki; Park, Jinwoo