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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11Effects of Synchronized Leg Motion in Walk-in-Place Utilizing Deep Neural Networks for Enhanced Body Ownership and Sense of Presence in VRLee, J.; Lee, M.; Kim, G.J.; Hwang, J.-I.
2020-11Unified Representation for XR Content and its Rendering MethodLee, Y.; Moon, C.; Ko, H.; Lee, S.-H.; Yoo, B.
2020-11Investigating removal efficiency of assimilable organic carbon by Pseudomonas jinjuensis and microbial distribution in the sand columnKIM YOUNGJAE; Hee-gon Kim; Yang, Boram; Cho Kyungjin; Lee, Seunghak; Min-Kyu Oh; Choi Jae Woo
2020-11Don't Bother Me: How to Handle Content-Irrelevant Objects in Handheld Augmented RealityKim, H.; Kim, T.; Lee, M.; Kim, G.J.; Hwang, J.-I.
2020-11MUTATION-SPECIFIC NON-CANONICAL PATHWAY OF PTEN AS A DISTINCT THERAPEUTIC TARGET FOR GLIOBLASTOMAChoi, Seung Won; Lee, Yeri; Shin, Kayoung; Kim, Donggeon; Nam, Do-Hyun; Kim, Hyunho; Chung, Seok; Shin, Jihye; Lee, Cheolju; Lee, Se Jeong
2020-11Influence of carbon binder on the decomposition and rejuvenation of NCM711 cathodes composites with argyrodite electrolyte in all-solid-state batteriesKYUJOON LEE; YEBIN LEE; Lee,HyunJeong; Kim, Hae-Ryoung; Hong Kyu Kim; Ahn, Jae Pyoung
2020-11-02Fiber optoelectronic devices for wearable applications based on conformal transferring of inkjet-printed carbon nanotube microelectrodeskimhyoungjun; Kang Tae-Hyung; YI, HYUNJUNG; Jung Ah Lim
2020-11Classification of Space Groups of Inorganic Materials Using Deep Learning in Electron DiffractionLIM SOOYEON; LIM MIN A; Lee Byeong-hyeon; Soohyung Park; Hong Kyu Kim
2020-11Machine learning for x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy spectra analysisLIM MIN A; LIM SOOYEON; Lee Byeong-hyeon; Hong Kyu Kim; Soohyung Park
2020-06A techno economic assessment of the small-scale hydrogen liquefier in the immature hydrogen market임현묵; Gwang Hoon Rhee; JinSoo Park; Karng, Sarng Woo