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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01IMU-based Spectrogram Approach with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Gait ClassificationMau Dung Nguyen; Mun, Kyung-Ryoul; Jung, Dawoon; Kim, Jinwook; Park, Mina; Kim, Jeuk; Han, Jooin
2020Trainable Multi-Contrast Windowing for Liver CT SegmentationKwon, Jangho; Choi, Kihwan
2020-10Accurate estimation of the position and shape of the rolling joint in hyper-redundant manipulatorsKim, J.; Moon, Y.; Kwon, S.-I.; Kim, K.
2020Defect Induced Magnetism In Ni Doped ZnO NanoparticlesBhardwaj, R.; Kumar, Manish; Chae, K. H.; Goyal, N.
2020Effect of dopant on electronic structure of nanocrystalline CeO2Kumari, Kavita; Hashim, Mohd.; Chae, K. H.; Kumar, Shalendra
2020Development of fiber-based all-optical system for neurovascular coupling mechanism study using optogeneticsKim, Minkyung; Shin, Hyun-joon
2020Valence State and Co-ordination of Implanted Ions in MgOKaur, B.; Bhardwaj, R.; Singh, J. P.; Asokan, K.; Chae, K. H.; Goyal, N.; Gautam, S.
2020-04Effects of Virtual Gait Visualization in Walk-in-Place on Body Ownership and PresenceLee, Juyoung; Lee, Myungho; Kim, Gerard Jounghyun; Hwang, Jae-In
2020-10DaHOG-based Mobile Robot Indoor Global LocalizationCheong, Howon; Kim, Euntai; Park, Sung-Kee
2020-02Epitaxial integration of high-performance quantum-dot lasers on siliconNorman, Justin C.; Bowers, John E.; Wan, Yating; Zhang, Zeyu; Shang, Chen; Selvidge, Jennifer G.; Dumont, Mario; Kennedy, M. J.; Jung, Daehwan; Duan, Jianan; Huang, Heming; Herrick, Robert W.; Grillot, Frederic; Gossard, Arthur C.; Liu, Songtao
2020-02High-performance mode-locked lasers on siliconLiu, Songtao; Bowers, John; Norman, Justin C.; Jung, Daehwan; Dumont, Mario; Shang, Chen; Wan, Yating; Kennedy, M. J.; Dong, Bozhang; Auth, Dominik; Breuer, Stefan; Grillot, Frederic; Chow, Weng; Gossard, Arthur; Wu, Xinru
2020-02Demonstration of current-dependent degradation of quantum-dot lasers grown on silicon: role of defect diffusion processesBuffolo, Matteo; Samparisi, Fabio; De Santi, Carlo; Jung, Daehwan; Meneghini, Matteo; Bowers, John E.; Herrick, Robert W.; Meneghesso, Gaudenzio; Zanoni, Enrico; Norman, Justin
2020-02Identifying error features in a MI-BCI system using microstatesKim, Laehyun; Kim, Seul-Kee
2020-02GAN-based Anomaly Detection and Localization of Multivariate Time Series Data for Power PlantChoi, Yeji; Lim, Hyunki; Choi, Heeseung; Kim, Ig-Jae
2020-02-26Classification of Selective Attention based on Steady-State Somatosensory Evoked Potentials using High-Frequency Vibration StimuliKim, Keun-Tae; Lee, Jaehyung; Kim, Hyungmin; Lee, Song Joo
2020-02-27Robust Semi-synchronous BCI Controller for Brain-Actuated Exoskeleton SystemChoi, Junhyuk; Kim, Keun-Tae; Lee, Jaehyung; Lee, Song Joo; Kim, Hyungmin
2020-03First Things First: A Survey Exploring Key Services and Functions of a RobotKang, Dahyun; Sona Kwak; Hanbyeol Lee; JongSuk Choi
2020-03Multi-Fingertip Vibrotactile Array Interface for 3D Virtual InteractionBaik, Siyeon; Han, Ilhwan; Park, Jung-Min; Park, Jaeyoung
2020-04Torsional loading analysis using cross-shaped piezoelectric sensorKim, Hojoon; Lim, Myotaeg; Cha, Youngsu
2020-04Texture analysis using a piezoelectric actuator-sensor pairChung, Jaehoon; Lim, Myotaeg; Cha, Youngsu