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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-12(Undefined)이기영; 송미영; 백경오; 이상협
2010의약화학공동:이석준; 함정엽
2010“synthetic Polymers” in “Regenerative Medicine”책임:김수현
2010Fuel Cell Science: Theory, Fundamentals, and Biocatalysis책임:유성종
2010-01당신에게 노벨상을 수여합니다 (노벨화학상 시상연설집)Woo, Kyoung ja
2010-09Neurobiology of Grooming Behavior (Lack of barbering behavior in the phospholipase Cβ1 mutant mouse)신희섭; 김대수; 고혜영
2010-04Collaborative Tele-Haptic Application and Its ExperimentsQonita M. Shahab; Maria Niken Mayangsari; Kwon, Yong-Moo
2010-03Virtual Ubiquitous Robotic Space and Its Network based Services, Remoet and TeleroboticsJeon Kyeong Won; Kwon, Yong-Moo; Hanseok Ko
2010-09ISO 18436-4 규격에 따른 기계설비의 상태감시와 진단이한영; Kong, Hosung; 성인하; 이성철; HAN, HUNG GU
2010-03Tangible Sports based on Integration of Virtual World and Real WorldMuhammad Rusdi; Lee Chang Hyeon; Kim, Jong-Phil; Kwon, Yong-Moo
2010-09상법총칙ㆍ상행위법Kang, Sun Joon
2010-02Low cost VentialtorLEE, HEON JU; A. M. A. Husseini; A. Servi; J. Negrete; S. Powelson; A. Slocum
2010Lack of barbering behavior in the phospholipase Cβ1 mutant mouse: A model animal for schizophreniaShin, H.-S.; Kim, D.; Koh, H.-Y.
2010Design of Palladium-Based Alloy Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Oxidation Reaction in Fuel CellsYoo, S.J.; Sung, Y.-E.