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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-01테스트Yun, Kook Won
2012-03Non-volatile Memories- materials, devices and applications vol.2, article on "phase change memory"강대환; 김기범; 정병기; 정홍식
2012-09Diagnosis of Sexually Transmitted DiseasesKim, Tae Song
2012-03Thermoplastic ElastomersKoo, Chong Min
2012-03십전대보탕의 안전성 평가KANG KISUNG
2012-03Pathology of Neurodegenerative DiseasesKim Youngsoo; Kim, Yun Kyung; 황온유; Kim, Dong Jin
2012-04Development, Optimization and Absorption Mechanism of DHP107, Oral Paclitaxel Formulation for Single-Agent Anticancer TherapyIn-Hyun Lee; Jung Wan Hong; Jang Yura; Yeong Taek Park; Chung, Hesson
2012-09Hydrogen Storage (Chapter 8. Electrospun Nanofibrous Materials and Their Hydrogen Storage)Jo, Seong Mu
2012-06Thermally stable micro/nano structured selective emittersLEE, HEON JU; BATHURST, STEPHEN
2012-09Low Dielectric Materials for MicroelectronicsHe Seung Lee; Albert Sung Soo Lee; Baek Kyung Youl; Hwang, Seung Sang
2012-09Monetary Policy in time of disasters: a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium approachJohn Ahn; Yena Song; Dimitrios Tsomocos; Chansoo Kim
2012-03Electroactive Thermoplastic Dielectric Elastomers as a New Generation Polymer ActuatorsKoo Chong Min
2012-06Thermal Stability of Nano-Structured Selective Emitters for Thermo PhotovoltaicLEE, HEON JU; S.P. Bathurst; S.G. Kim
2012OREXIN SYSTEM IN TELEOST FISHMatsuda, Kouhei; Azuma, Morio; Kang, Ki Sung
2012Protocol for the use of a silica nanoparticle-enhanced microcantilever sensor-based method to detect HBV at femtomolar concentrationsLee, S.-M.; Hwang, K.S.; Kim, S.K.; Kim, T.S.