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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-03Ultrafast Dynamics in Molecules, Nanostructures and Interfaces서민아; J. Yoo; S. A. Dayeh; J. Martinez; B. Swartzentruber; S. T. Picraux; A. J. Taylor; R. P. Prasankumar
2014-01당신에게 노벨상을 수여합니다 (노벨화학상 시상연설집 3판)Woo, Kyoung ja
2014-02Graphene: properties,preparation, characterisation and devices이동수
2014-08Strategies and Tactics in Organic Synthesis, Volume 10, Ch. 12 Total Synthesis of the Crinipellins강택; 이희윤
2014-01Current Trends of Surface Science and Catalysis김상훈; 박정영
2014-04Natural Products and Retinal Ganglion Cells. The Handbook of Nutrition, Diet, the Eye and Vision정상훈
2014-11Monetary Uncertainty and Default안광원; Chansoo Kim; Dimitrios Tsomocos; Lucy Wang
2014-11Monetary Uncertainty and Default안광원; Chansoo Kim; Dimitrios Tsomocos; Lucy Wang
2014-02Advanced wastewater treatment using MBRs: Nutrient removal and disinfectionSo-Ryong Chae; Yongtae Ahn; Yuhoon Hwang; Duksoo Jang; Fangang Meng; Jeffrey Shi; Lee, Sanghyup; Hang-Sik Shin
2014-02Single-charge transport in grapheneDong Su Lee
2014-03플라즈모닉스를 위한 금속 구조 제조Park Jong Hyuk
2014-07Isoprene-derived Biofuels from Engineered MicrobesHan Min Woo; Taek Soon Lee
2014-063D 프린팅을 이용한 소재 성형과 바이오 소자의 제조Park Jong Hyuk; Jaehyun Cho
2014-07Long Term Depression in the Granule Cell-Purkinje Cell SynapseKeiko Yamamoto
2014-09Insight: Webized Mobile AR and Real-life Use CasesSangchul Ahn; Lee joo-hyun; Kim Jin Woo; Sungkuk Chun; Kim, JungBin; Kim, IItae; Shim, Junsik; Byounghyun Yoo; Ko, Heedong
2014-07초파리 게놈의 3차원 접힘과 기능 발현 조직 원리S. Joon Kwon
2014-10한국과학기술연구원 전북분원 복합소재연구소Goh Munju
2014-06CO2 포집을 위한 차세대 고효율 중공사 흡착제 (Hollow Fiber Sorbents) 개발 현황JONG SUK LEE
2014-11신소재 기체분리막, 환경보전과 에너지 문제 해결의 실마리가 되다JONG SUK LEE
2014-11Synthesis and Application of Graphene and Related MaterialsSukang Bae