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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-09(Undefined)Ji-Won Son
2017Implantable optical neural interface임윤섭; 전상범
2017-07Low-Molecular-Weight Plasma Proteome Analysis Using Top-Down Mass Spectrometry천동희; 양은경; 이철주; 이지은
2017-08functional genomics, Methods molecular biology vol.1654김상경
2017-06Thermal Transport in Carbon-Based NanomaterialsKoo, Chong Min
2017-03RNA Nano-structures안형준; 장미희
2017-07Thermal conduction behavior of graphene and graphene polymer compositesShahzad Faisal; Syed Dildar Haider Naqvi; Koo Chong Min
2017-05Special Issue on Anion Exchange Membranes and AEM based systemsDirk Henkensmeier; Alexander Dyck; Steven Holdcroft; John Varcoe
2017-06Boron nitride:Properties, Synthesis and ApplicationsKim Soo Min
2017-08Multiplex real-tiem PCR using encoded micro particles for microRNA profilingSeungwon Jung; Kim Sang Kyung
2017-10소셜로봇의 행동 표현 기술: 현황 및 전망ChangHwan Kim
2017-05Rational design and application of RNA nanoparticles for RNAi-based cancer therapyAhn Hyung Jun
2017Image-based analysis of intracellular Tau aggregation by using Tau-BiFC cell modelLim, S.; Kim, D.; Kim, D.J.; Kim, Y.K.
2017Low-molecular-weight plasma proteome analysis using top-down mass spectrometryCheon, D.H.; Yang, E.G.; Lee, C.; Lee, J.E.
2017Rolling circle transcription for the self-assembly of multimeric RNAi structures and its applications in nanomedicineJang, M.; Ahn, H.J.
2017-09VTK 프로그래밍 : 3차원 가시화 오픈소스 라이브러리Youngjun Kim; 최진혁; Cho, Hyun Chul