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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993-01초임계이산화탄소를 이용한 에탄올 농축에 관한 연구 .Lim Jong Sung; LEE YOUN YONG; 이병세; HONG SEUNG PYO; 조정식; Choi Dae Ki; 전해수
1996-01Modeling and simulation of the chemical reaction heat pump system adopting the reactive distillation process.Song Hyung Keun; YONSOO CHUNG; 박원희; Hae-Kwon Jeong
1995-11First-principles calculation of the phonon dispersion and cubic anharmonic force-constant tensor of siliconPARK YOUNG KYUN; A. A. Maradudin; R. F. Wallis; A. A. Quong
1995-01New concept for amorphous diffusion barrier: Ion beam modification of metal/semiconductor interface.Kim Yong Tae; S. K. Kwak; C. S. Kwon; D. J. Kim; C. W. Lee; I. H. Choi; Min Suk-Ki
1997-05광섬유 격자소자 기술개발 및 응용연구 (III)Lee Sang Bae; CHOI SANG SAM
1998-11SBR 공정의 초기운전시의 분말제올라이트 첨가의 영향JUNG JIN YOUNG; Pak Dae Won; HANG-SIK SHIN; CHUNG YUNCHUL; LEE SANG MIN
1992-01Growth Y-Ba-Cu-O thin films on Al//2O//3/Si by MOCVD.Sang-Seop Yom; CHOI SANG SAM; W. N. Kang
1993-01Effects of nitrogen on the stress of plasma deposited tungsten and tungsten nitride thin films.Kim Yong Tae; S. J. Lee; C. S. Kwon; Y. W. Park; C. C. Lee; C. W. Lee; Min Suk-Ki
1998-01케인의 다물체동역학에서 주어진 정적평형상태의 시스템 매개변수를 계산하기 위한 최적화 알고리즘박정훈; 유홍희; Hwang Yoha
1999-01Aerobic in-situ stabilization of a completed landfillPak Dae Won; SoochulKim; 조동행