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199208Enhancement of blood compatibility of albumin-immobilized polyurethane류규하; 한동근; 김영하; 민병구
199303The fluid dynamic effect on protein adsorption in left ventricular assist devices.유규하; 김종원; 장준근; 이규백; 이인한; 최진욱; 한동근; 김영하; 민병구
199301Preparation and surface properties of PEO-sulfonate grafted polyurethanes for enhanced blood compatibility.김영하; 한동근; 정서영; 안광덕; 민병구
199201In-vitro evaluation of a bileaflet polymer valve and preliminary animal tests.김영하; 김철생; 박복춘; 서수원; 한동근; 이규백; 최진욱; 김인영; 김희찬; 김형묵; 민병구
199306In vivo biostability and calcification-resistance of surface-modified PU-PEO-SO//3.한동근; 박기동; 정서영; 김영하; 김은영; 민병구
199205Albumin immobilized polyurethane and its blood compatiblity.김영하; 한동근; 류규하; 민병구
199201Surface characteristics and blood compatibility of polyurethanes grafted by perfluoroalkyl chains.김영하; 한동근; 정서영; 민병구
199501Surface characteristics and properties of lumbrokinase-immobilized polyurethane.김영하; 유규하; 한동근; 박선양; 김미란; 민병구
198901Preparation and surface characterization of PEO-grafted and heparin-immobilized polyurethanes.김영하; 한동근; 박기동; 안광덕; 정서영
200210In vivo biodegradability of PLLA and PLGA sponge using non-toxic effevescent as a porogen additive조용철; Jong Won Rhie; 박재구; 김선옥; 변준희; 문덕수; 정연희; 주영민; 한동근