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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200110광역 밴드갭을 이용한 자외선 수광 센서최원국
199301Studies of gas adsorption on ZnO using ESR, FTIR spectroscopy, and MHE (Microwave Hall Effect) measurements나병기; Walters, A. B.; Vannice, M. A.
200001Microstructural properties of ZnO epitaxial films grown on p-InP(100) substrates at low temperature김태환; 윤영수
200209A study on the ZnO piezoelectric thin films for SAW filter by RF magnetron sputtering최형욱; 김경환; 김상종; 강종윤; 안병국; 윤석진
199812Production of fine ZnO powders by carbothermal reduction최헌진; 이준근; 정광택; 김기환
200103Development of ZnO/Al₂O₃ catalyst for reverse-water-gas-shift reaction of CAMERE (carbon dioxide hydrogenation to form methanol via a reverse-water-gas-shift reaction) processSang-Woo Park; 주오심; 정광덕; 김효; 한성환
200107Fabrication of p-type ZnO thin films by rf-sputteringA. Wakahara; A. V. Singh; H. Okada; H. J. Kim; 김용태; A. Yoshida
200210Investigatinos on Ta2O5/ZnO insulator-semiconductor interfacesS.K. Nandi; 최원국; 노영수; 오민석; S. Maikap; 황농문; 김도윤; S. Chatterjee; S.K. Samanta; C.K. Maiti
200107Properties of ZnO thin films using ZnO buffer layer.방규현; 황득규; 이동희; 오민석; 최원국; 명재민
200307Properties of co-deposited indium tin oxide and zinc oxide films using a bipolar pulse power supply and a dual magnetron sputter source황만수; 정희섭; 김원목; 서용운