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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-09-13New insights on the microstructural degradation in LSM/YSZ solid oxide electrolysis cell using advanced transmission electron microscopy analysis.CHOI, HA NEUL; Yeon, Changho; Lee, Chan-Woo; SHIN, JISU; 박선영; 윤경중; Park, Jin-Woo; 장혜정
2023-09-12Mechanisms and applications of radiation-induced amorphization and (re)crystallization최하늘; 이광엽; 임종욱; 김진연; 김도향; Chang, Hye Jung
2023-09-13Individual particle analysis of high concentrated fine particulate matters (PM2.5) in Seoul using automated SEM-EDSCHOI, HA NEUL; Park Sang Hyun; Seung Hyun Moon; 장혜정
2023-09-18The effect of exercise on the serum proteomes and metabolomes of elite-level athletes in different sports disciplinesSEO, YOON DAM; KANG, IN SEON; 이현정; Hwang, Ji In; SON, Jung hyun; Oh, Min-Kyu; Min, Ho phil
2023-09-13In situ SEM-based microstructural characterization of hydrogen effects in titanium alloysJEON CHOROK; Young-chul Yoon; Eun Soo Park; Cemal Cem Tasan; Kim, Jinwoo
2023-09-14Indoor Mapping Structure Based on Cloud Platform for Seamless and Effective Indoor LocalizationKim, Taehun; Shin, Beomju; Kang, Chung G.; Shin, Donghyun; Yu, Changsoo; Kyung, Hankyeol; Lee, Taikjin
2023-09-13Various sample preparation method for correlative analysisLEE, JI YEONG; Park, Gi Hoon; Kim, Yanghee; Jang, Yun Jung; Jeong, Young Woo; Kim, Hae-Ryoung
2023-09-07Oxytocin-modulated functional network in mPFC-BLA-A1 and locomotor activityJung, Dayoung; Kim, Shin Young; Kim Jung Young; Han, Hio-Been; Froemke, Robert; Choi, Ji Hyun
2023-09-14Advanced Precipitate and Dislocation Segmentation in STEM Images using U-net Architecture and Focused Region TraningChoi, Jun-Yu; Jo Hyosang; Chang, Hye Jung; Cho, Ki-sub
2022-11-29Real-time and Precise Indoor Localization System in Multi-Floor Buildings for Pedestrian using Cloud PlatformKim, Taehun; Shin, Beomju; Kang, Chung G.; Jung Ho Lee; Yu, Changsoo; Kyung, Hankyeol; Shin, Donghyun; Lee, Taikjin