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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06-04유해화학물질로 오염된 퇴적토양에서 재배된 식물의 대사체 분석을 통한 퇴적토 생태건강성 평가방법Jo JungMan; Ahn, Yongtae; LEE SUNJAE; Park Sanghyun; 윤성택; Lee, Jeongae; Joo Young Jae; 황유식; 정현; Choi Jae Young
2021-06-04Study of monitoring methods after stabilization of heavy metal contaminated soil near minesAhn, Yongtae; Han man ho; LEE SUNJAE; 지민규; Choi Jae Young
2021-04-23Evaluate natural attenuation promotion in nitrate contaminated bedrock aquifers with acetateAhn, Yongtae; 이다원; Park Sanghyun; 이금영; 지민규; Choi Jae Young
2019-10Evaluation of Ecological Effects and Recovery after Chemical AccidentJo JungMan; Pyo, Heesoo; Lee, Jeongae; Ahn, Yongtae; Kim Naeun; Yu Sik Hwang; Hyun Jung; Choi Jae Young
2019-10Ventilation of chemical accident indoor simulations Assessment of long-term min seafood and long-term transformation products of chemical accident substancesLEE SUNJAE; Pyo, Heesoo; Lee, Jeongae; Ahn, Yongtae; Jo JungMan; KALIMUTHU PANDI; Yoon Sungtaek; Choi Jae Young
2019-10Preparation of Iron Sludge Fibrous Filter by Electrospinning Method and Evaluation of Hydrogen Sulfide RemovalLEE MI YEON; Ahn, Yongtae; Park Sanghyun; 조호영; Choi Jae Young
2019-10Evaluation of fluorine removal ability of fluorine contaminated soilPark Sanghyun; Ahn, Yongtae; 서승원; 윤현식; LEE SUNJAE; Choi Jae Young
2019-04Simulation of chemical accidents and estimation of long-term transformation & decomposition products of chemical accident materialKim Naeun; JO JUNGMAN; Seong-taek Yun; Pyo, Heesoo; Lee, Jeongae; 김윤환; 이윤혜; Choi Jae Young
2019-10Application of induced polarization method for stabilization treated soilHan man ho; Choi Jae Young; Park Sanghyun; Ahn, Yongtae; Yun Hyun-Shik
2019-10Feasibility of soil washing agents to remove fluoride in soilsAhn, Yongtae; Park Sanghyun; LEE DAWON; Han man ho; Hyun-Shik Yun; Seung-Won Seo; Choi Jae Young