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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Development of Non-Coated Stainless Steel Bipolar Plate for PEMFC at POSCO조기훈; K.M. Kim; 김종희; 이윤용; CHO, EUN AE; Cheon Dong Uk; 오성진; J.Y.Yoon; D.S. Kim; 홍병선
-Effects of Pt loading in anode electrode on the degradation of MEA for PEMFCs during startup/shutdown cyclingCHO, EUN AE; Eom Kwang Sup; Lim, Tae Hoon; Jang, Jong Hyun; Hyoung-Juhn Kim
-Locally confined membrane modificationsN. Nambi Krishnan; Dirk Henkensmeier; Hyoung-Juhn Kim
-Investigation of phosphoric acid adsorption characteristics and oxygen reduction reaction on electrocatalysts using electrochemical method and in-situ XASPark Hee-Young; Sung Jong Yoo; Ham Hyung Chul; 임동희; 김수길; Hyoung-Juhn Kim; CHO, EUN AE; Dirk Henkensmeier; Suk Woo Nam; Lim, Tae Hoon; Jang, Jong Hyun
-Polybenzimidazole based AEMs, control of the direction of membrane swelling, and membranes for HT PEMFCDirk Henkensmeier
-Membrane Modifications to Increase Performance and LifetimeDirk Henkensmeier
-Development of PEMFC MEAs by catalyst-coated membrane (CCM) spraying methods for high performances and durabilityKun-Ho Kim; K.-Y. Lee; Hyoung-Juhn Kim; Lee, Sang Yeop; CHO, EUN AE; Lim, Tae Hoon; Hong, Seong Ahn; Yoon, Sung Pil; Dirk Henkensmeier; Jang, Jong Hyun
-Complex Capacitance Analysis of PEMFC and DMFC Catalyst LayersJang, Jong Hyun; Sunyeol Jeon; Soo-Kil Kim; CHO, EUN AE; Hyoung-Juhn Kim; Han, Jonghee; Lim, Tae Hoon
-Synthesis of ternary Pt-Fe-Co alloy catalysts toward oxygen reduction reactionHwang Seung Jun; Yoo Sung Jong; Lim, Tae Hoon; Soo-Kil Kim
-Synthesis and characterization of phosphoric acid doped poly(benzimidazole-co-benzoxazole) membranes for high temperature PEM fuel cellsLee,Dong Hoon; Lee, Hye-Jin; Kim Byoung Gak; Soo-Kil Kim; CHO, EUN AE; Jang, Jong Hyun; Lim, Tae Hoon; Hyoung-Juhn Kim