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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-04A study on the material surface modification by ion-assisted reaction고석근; 손용배; 최원국, et al
1999-05Alkaline earth borosilicate 계 접합유리의 특성에 미치는 filler 의 영향김민호; 김병수; 안정식, et al
1996-01Cu films on Si(100) by partially ionized beam deposition장홍규; 김기환; 최성창, et al
1999-09Effect of slurry property on preparation of zirconia film in electrophoretic deposition김상우; 이병호; 손용배, et al
1997-06Enhancement of adhesion between Cu thin film and polyimide modified by ion assisted reaction최성창; 최원국; 고석근, et al
1997-04Fabrication of thermal resistant alumina by crystallization of grain boundary glassy phase김성원; 손용배; 정인재, et al
1998-09Formation of new surface layers on ceramics by ion assisted reaction고석근; 손용배; 감직상, et al
1996-01Improving the wettability of polymeric surfaces and surface modification of ceramic by ion beam in reactive gases environments최원국; 손용배; 장홍규, et al
1996-06Interface reactions between manganese zinc ferrite single crystals and SiO₂-PbO-ZnO-MnO systems제해준; 김도경; 변순천, et al
1999-01Investigation of slurry properties for aqueous casting of nano-size barium titanate김상우; 신용욱; 이해원, et al
1993-01Microwave dielectric properties of CeO2 added (Pb0.63Ca0.37)ZrO3 ceramic system김경용; 김왕섭; 손용배, et al
1999-05N ₂ -H ₂ O-H ₂ 분위기에서의 Kovar 산화 거동김병수; 김민호; 유성현, et al
1998-11Plasma Display Panel 용 후막재료의 기술현황 및 전망손용배
2000-09Power generating characteristics and long term stability of the anode supportiong type SOFC이종호; 김구대; 손용배, et al
1990-03Preparation and properties of cordierite aluminium titanate composites.송휴섭; 김상우; 장성도, et al
1995-05Preparation and properties of Ru based thick film resistors.김구대; 김창은; 강현규, et al
1999-01Preparation of electrolyte film for solid oxide fuel cells by electrophoretic deposition김상우; 이병호; 손용배, et al
1999-08Preparation of electrolyte thin film for anode support type solid oxide fuel cells by electrophoretic deposition and dip-coating김상우; 이병호; 손용배, et al
1999-05Preparation of electrolyte thin film on NiO-YSZ porous substrate for solid oxide fuel cells by electrophoretic deposition(I).김상우; 이병호; 손용배, et al
2000-10SOFC 단전지 / 스택용 재료 및 제조 공정 개발김긍호; 이종호; 김상우, et al
1999-04SOFC 용 접합 유리 특성에 미치는 filler 의 영향김민호; 김병수; 김상우, et al
1997-01State of art and prospect of thick film materials손용배
1998-11state-of-art of thick film materials for plasma display panel손용배; 김병수
1999-03Study on filler effects of high temperature glass sealant손용배; 김상우; 김민호
1996-01Surface modification of polymer and ceramic by ion beam in reactive gases environment고석근; 최원국; 손용배, et al
1997-01The behaviour of Ru based thick film resistor as a comonent of LCR network박지애; 이홍림; 문지웅, et al
1996-01The behaviour of Ru based thick film resistor as a component of LCR network김구대; 박지애; 이동아, et al
2001-01The characterization of electromagnetic shielding of SiO₂/ITO nano films with transition metal ions신용욱; 김상우; 손용배, et al
1999-01The fabrication of SiO₂/ITO multilayer for protection of electric wave a anti-reflection.신용욱; 손용배; 윤기현, et al
1996-01The improvement of mechanical properties of aluminum nitride and alumina by 1 keV Ar+ ion irradiation in reactive gas environment고석근; 손용배; 감직상, et al